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I am a full service agent that specializes in selling Orange County, CA properties.

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I set myself apart from my competition in several ways:  1) I always answer my phone, if I'm available, and if not I return calls promptly!  I will not go 2 or 3 days without calling my clients back.  Even if I don't have any updates to deliver, I still give the courtesy call to state just that.  I understand that home owners doing a short sale have many uncertainties, so I take the time to educate them and to set realistic expectations for what's going to happen.  This makes for a much smoother transaction and everyone is happy that way!  2)  I live and breathe technology.  You may wonder how this translates to a competitive advantage, give me 15 minutes of your time to show you what technology can do to help you sell your home quicker at a higher price, and you'll understand!!  If I'm helping you on the buying side, technology gives me the upper hand when locating your perfect home and making sure that we put in your offer at the most optimal price.  This same point also relates back to my first advantage, because of technology, I am accessible in many ways (texting, email, phone, IM) so I can even respond if I'm in a staff meeting!  3)  I am highly skilled in the art of negotiation.  I'm not just saying that I've read some book on how to negotiate, I'm saying that I spent years in corporate america with one of the world's most respected companies in a sales capacity and I was trained by the best of the best including sales coaches, corporate psychologists, and renowned motivational speakers.  All of this means that when it comes time to negotiate with the bank on your short sale, I can use this knowledge and training to put the offer we've received into a more favorable light and ensure that the bank will accept that offer for your short sale!  

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As I have already mentioned, I specialize in just a couple of areas... I'm a believer in being master of a few, rather then jack of all trades.  

1)  Short-sales.  Whether I'm representing the seller or the buyer, I am intimately aware of what it takes to get a short-sale transaction completed.  It's not easy work and the process is much longer then the standard 30-day purchase.  I am highly skilled at marketing properties to get legitimate offers, that are actually going to be approved by the banks, and then I see them all the way through to close.  This process is typically 60-90 days from the presentation of the offer, but I've done them as quickly as 30 days!  If I'm representing you as the buyer on a short-sale transaction, I will work closely with the other agent to ensure that we are the #1 offer presented to the bank and to ensure the other agent is familiar with how to conduct a short-sale.  Thus ensuring that you get the home that you want.

2)  First-time homebuyers.  Nothing gives me a better feeling then seeing people realize their dream of finally owning a home.  I take the time to get to know my clients before I ever show them a home.  I strive to understand their wants, needs, and desires and will only show them properties that meet this criteria.  I never try and make a square peg fit into a round hole with my clients!  I also have a deep understanding of federal as well as state and local programs (Grants & Tax Credits) designed for first-time homebuyers so that they can take full advantage of every dollar of free money that is out there for them!!


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