Steve Toker (Coldwell Banker Kinard Realty)

7616 Nashville St

Ringgold , GA 30736

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Commercial and Residential. Past experience is in title insurance, mortgage banking, brokerage and ecommerce for supply chain management.

Get to know Steve Toker

Three up-down cycles in real estate have prepared me for any market you may have to face. While others give up and leave real estate, history has shown me that there is always opportunity if I keep in mind that I am here to serve my clients. I never worry about money, because in real estate, we never get paid for the work we are doing today. We get paid for the years of preparation, laying in the groundwork, doing the myriad of things needed to sell real estate. It is not uncommon for a new client to call out of the blue, simply due to work I have done for another client. There is no better measurement of my performance than a referral from a past client.

Having started in the real estate business in 1979 in title insurance sales may lead you to believe that I am a fossil. Well, to some degree, I guess that I am. Early in my career, my managers chided me about the "new toys" that I employed in better serving my customers. Why did I need a pager that printed out messages when the rest of the reps had pagers that only beeped? (because it saved me looking for a pay phone only to find that someone in my office wanted to talk to me about something unimportant, and because it cut at least five minutes from my response time) Later, when car phones went portable (remember the "Brick"? The thing weighed five pounds! or so it seemed) I got one, so I could get right back to my clients. Faxes! Remember when they were new? "Why would you need that?" So I could get documents across town in seconds instead of hours. Hey, I didn't invent this stuff, but once it came around, I jumped on it. Why? In all cases, because it meant that I was just a little bit better than my best competition.

I track all of my contacts. This means that if I talk to a potential client about your listing and something changes on the listing, such as the price, I can re-contact those people who expressed interest in your place. This is the kind of second effort you should be looking for. Whenever I get a new listing, I send out a Property Profile to all interested parties, so your listing gets maximum exposure.

I use a 24-Hour, automated system to sell your home. If someone sees one of my ads in the paper, Previews, web sites or other advertizing, they can call my Hotline and hear a recording about your home's best features. And, when they hang up, I have their information, and call them back; usually within five minutes. That's impressive! It is usually a total surprise when I call them. I rarely get a negative reaction. You should try it. It works.

The same goes for my signs. They all carry a rider with the 800# and extension that is linked to your listing. If a prospect drives by and sees the sign, chances are good that they will call to hear the recording. When they do, I "capture" their phone number and call them back, almost instantly. That way, I get a chance to measure their interest, and invite them to see the interior. They won't buy it if they don't come inside. I promise you that. Less than 1% of buyers will buy without seeing the inside, and then only in a super-hot market and if they are from out of town.

Speaking of internet, technology and such, I also employ my Preferred Homes Locator. By entering your preferences for a home, any time one of my collegues lists a property and its features match your needs and wishes, you get a Property Profile of the place. This saves you fuel, time and money.



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