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Jina St James is an established and highly recognized real estate agent in Colorado Springs. Her drive, determination, and strong leadership is the foundation for her passion in the Real Estate Sales arena. Introduced to the world of real estate 10 years ago, Jina has conducted her business with a warrior like focus and poise. During the past 8 years, she worked in the field of New Home Sales; Jina’s dedicated skill to match and mirror, helped buyers find the perfect home for their families. She truly excelled in this field and is highly acknowledged by her peers.

“I listen to what you are looking for and I find it. I can honestly say I love what I do!”

Her love for the business is why Jina is the perfect fit for your real estate needs. Her development in Real Estate has elevated beyond New Builds to an unparalleled level. Whether she is masterfully negotiating and marketing for her clients to coaching her team. One of her WHYs is to ensure she is the best at her craft and that she is always prepared for any situation for you and your family.

Her check every box attitude and calming persuasive communication creates an alleviation process whether you are a buyer or seller. Along the way she also built a strong reputation in her community and she takes the time to teach new real estate agents the path to longevity in the world of real estate. A true leader, while being a wife of 16 years and a mother of 5 children. She is driven by her “the sky is the limit” attitude allowing her to stay motivated, dedicated, and succeed in every role she takes on, even Mama Bear.


  • National Association of Realtors
  • Pikes Peak Association of Realtors
  • Colorado Association of Realtors
  • Military Relocation Professional

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 Wow where to begin. I can honestly say I have been in sales all my life. I enjoy interacting with people and overcoming the challenges of sales in general. I use to sell cars back in 2003 at Joe Kerely Dealership. At the same time I was selling Avon on the side...yes you read it right Avon. My Avon business took off and in 2006, I opened up the first Avon Retail Store in Central california. That was a lot of fun. In 2007, my husband decided he wanted to study Real Estate, so I did it with him. We both got our license. He decided to do the mortgage side and I decided to do the real estate side. He is good at numbers and I was (or I would like to think) was good with sales. We became known as The St James Team. We went through a couple offices before we found a great team in Keller Williams Office in Modesto, CA. We were brought over by two great Realtors Patrick Bill and Christina O'Neal. We loved this group and learned a lot from them.

We really enjoy that part of our life...until the market crash had hit. Let's just say it hit us personally because we lost our own home that we just had  appraised just 6 months prior for over $200,000 then what we paid for. We ended up owing more money than it was worth. We decided at that point it was pointless to keep it and ended up filing for bankruptcy and  sell my Avon business...Well let me tell you. That was a humbling moment for us. We were on top of the world to the bottom of the stinky crusty bottom of hell. (sorry a little too dramatic)

Overall I think it was a good thing. We decided to move to Colorado. What a change! Change for the better that is. A different lifestyle all together and you just can't beat it. Yep I am back in the Real Estate field..sorta of speak.  Now you, who actually read my whole entire profile needs to come visit me!


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Testimonials for Jina St James

  • Dan & Roszan Konkel

    "Buying a house is never easy! However, we were blessed to be guided through the process by Jina St. James. From the minute we walked in, Jina took the time to explain everything, while listening to our questions and concerns. Her knowledge and professionalism led to a quick closing on a beautiful home. I can assure you, we will contact Jina for any future real estate transactions."

  • Heidi Johnson

    "Loved working with Jina! She listened to me and was very patient with me during the whole process. Made my life so much easier!"

  • Don Ludington

    "She is one of the best agents I've ever worked with"

  • Fred & Daisy Haddock

    "I know that Mrs St James will be a great asset to Synergy realty. She really helped us soooo much with our purchase at Classic homes. Jina made the whole process so much easier ...and exciting. It was an experience that we will never forget..Thanks to Jina St James"

  • Howard Schenker

    Jina, is detailed in her work and has excellent follow-up. She has a positive attitude and always willing to go the extra mile.

  • Dr. Terrance Jackson

    "Jina is AWESOME. She helped me and my wife while we were looking for a home as we transitioned from North Carolina to Colorado. She stayed in contact with us and also quickly returned phone calls to answer any of our questions or dispel any concerns. She has excellent communication skills and is very considerate of your needs. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase a home in the Colorado Springs area."

  • Jose Medina

    Simply great to work with! Gina is very motivated and a determined individual and will go out of her way to make it right each and every time. Her word is law and quickly assimilates/adapts to the situation. Thanks again Gina for always matching or exceeding my clients goals...

  • Mike Fisch

    Jina is detailed and organized. Insightful and attentive to her clients and associates.

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