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Andrea Harrell
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Get to Know Andrea Harrell

My name is Andrea. I reside in Smyrna, Georgia, and I am part owner and, the vocal representative of NDORSOnline the (National Directory of Real Estate Services Online), long name huh? I love animals, seniors, and Real Estate. I am not a Real Estate Agent, I am a GEEK. My Real Estate experience consists of bird-doging, purchasing tax certificates, niche marketing, and niche marketing brainstorming. I spend most of my life online and, I like it that way.

My Experience.

My bird-doging ended when I decided I could not stand to speak with another person that was about to loose their home. Yeah, I bird-dogged for foreclosures and, I was really good at it, but my emotions got the best of me. I worked of Jim LaVallee of Jim Buys Houses and he was totally AWESOME. Getting deals was a snap for me because I really knew how to address foreclosure situations and, that is with great caution and, sincere empathy. I was told many times when speaking with people facing foreclosure that they had been contacted by several investors, but if they were going to do any type of deal it would be with me. Well they would not be doing the deal with me, but breaking the ice the way I did would have allowed any investor to get in the door and close the deal. HAHA, I'm great!

As far as the tax certificate side of me I started investing in tax certificates right after I stopped bird-dogging 2yrs.ago and, I have done quite well in it.

My passion for technology has benefited me as well. I have been able to use technology to help businesses reach the the next level. I have great empathy for those that try, and those that have no clue but are anxious to learn. There is no greater satisfaction in life, outside of children, than the way we feel when we were able to help someone achieve something.

I am online all day literally 6am till 2-3 am. Yeah, I know you may think I don't have a life huh? Well, I do and it is filled with joy, because I love what I do. What is the purpose of existence if you can't do what you love?

I am passionate about your successes because your success is my success.

I enjoy connecting with those that can and do, and those that want to and try.

I look forward to getting to know you and your business.

If there are any punctuation or spelling errors in this post, so be it. I never mentioned anywhere in the above writing that I was a writer:).




Success in Real Estate comes from good referrals. "If people have great things to say about your Real Estate service, why not let the world know!"


Success in Real Estate comes from good referrals. "If people have great things to say about your Real Estate Service , why not let the world know!"