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I'm just as comfortable rafting the class 5 rapids of the Grand Canyon as I am negotiating the best and safest real estate deal in your behalf. If you are reading this, I don't need to sell you on why Arizona is perhaps the "premiere" location to own real estate. You either already own real estate here or are looking to buy some. Either way, you are on the right track.

There are 75 million baby-boomers beginning to retire and starting their migration in our direction. So if you are thinking about selling, buying, exchanging or any other activity that involves real estate, you have arrived at your destination...look no further.

Since 1984 I have worked in a variety of different aspects of the real estate industry, including but not limited to residential resales, 1031 exchanges, vacation ownership, new construction, discounted notes and much more. The high interest rates which morphed into the real estate trough of the late 80's, early 90's put our feet to the fire, and helped us hone-in the negotiating skills and creative ways that continue to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

Ten of my younger years were spent working as a professional wilderness instructor and guide. The survival skills and instinctive reflexes on which our lives depend on, are no different in the wilderness than they are in these tumultuous and challenging times that we live in. With us, you can rest assured that you will always be at the cutting edge of the real estate world...navigating thru it with confidence, safety and peace of mind.

Thank you for considering The Pepper GroupTM Diversified Real Estate Company and myself as your real estate professional!


Markets are like the weather .... ever changing but predictable to some degree. So we adapt to the changing markets by using our plethora of knowledge and experience to become most comfortable and prosperous.

Today, at the early part of the new millenium, I find myself focusing on the real estate that is at the center of the current of money. It is the low end, under $150,000 that is selling like hot cakes. Most of them are Banked Owned REOs or Short Sales, and buyers are picking up deals for 50 cents on the dollar ......literally for less money than they would be able to build the same structure. Multiple offers at listing price or above are not rare, and they are becoming the rule rather than the exception.

So I specialize and work with a handful of motivated home buyers and investors, who are willing and able to act at a moments notice to pick up the very best deals this area has to offer.

We engage the real estate opportunities quickly, pre-emptively and without hesitation.

We also help clients satisfy and resolve a wide variety of personal purchasing and investment goals including but not limited to GREEN BUILDING, SOLAR, AND ENERGY EFFICIENT SUSTAINABLE HOMES.