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Premium Home Inspections designed to help the buyer make an informed decision. Narrative report with photos and explanations of conditions and how to work with any issues noted.

Get to know Jae Williams

Certified Home Inspector, member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI).  A frequent contributor to the largest educational message board in the United States (www.nachi.org).  Member of other national home inspection organizations, the Sharonville Chamber of Commerce and the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Nearly forty years of construction and inspection experience has prepared me to be a knowledgeable and observant home inspector. 

I like to work with the buyer toward the buyer's goal--buying a home that fits their needs.  No house is perfect, but any house can be made liveable if the buyer is well informed and understands what it will take to enjoy their new home.

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Helping the buyer to understand the electrical system in the house, as well as the furnace, air conditioning system, and the plumbing features.  Explaining the roofing system and the over-all structural condition.

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