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Are you losing your home? Are you struggling to make payments? DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE.... FREE Consultations for modifications, short sales, home buying or selling. Contact us today!

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ARE YOU CRAZY? Opening a real estate office in worst real estate market in HISTORY!! Some say I am crazy, others just shook their head and walked away, but I knew what I was doing was the right thing to do! Home owners needed help, they needed someone honest and ethical they could look to for answers. So, REACH (Real Estate And Community Help) opened their doors. We are here to answer questions, give guidance to struggling homeowners, and to guide them on the path that is BEST FOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES! Homeowners desperately need someone who will help them without taking money from them. We offer FREE consulations and advice. You can email, text, or call with your questions. You can come in for a private consultation there is no obligation for anything! REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are MILLIONS of AMERICANS in the same position you find yourself in. Do not be ashamed to REACH out for help! We are HAMP/HAFA Certified and have the expierence and knowledge to help you!



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I can help you buy or sell your home. I have experience in short sales, REO, equity sales, regular sales, if you want to buy or sell your house I can help!

So, you have found a house of your dreams, but it needs work and you don't have the money up front to paint, put in new flooring, a new kitchen, new bathroom, new roof, etc..... WELL I CAN HELP YOU GET $31,000 or more at the close of escrow (some restrictions apply) to fix you that house!!!

How many repo's or foreclosures have you looked at and said "If only I had the money for new carpet, paint, and a kitchen, this house would be AWESOME!" Well, you can now have the money to get it done, and I WILL HELP YOU!

It is called a 203K Rehab Streamline loan, and it can make an unbearable house, bearable and new.

CALL ME AND I WILL GLADLY EXPLAIN THE PROGRAM TO YOU, and help you find a house that qualifies for the program.

I also have a lender that is already approved by FHA to do 203k loans and has 20 years experience doing them!

I used the 203k to purchase my first home, so I also have PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE ON HOW THEY WORK!

With both of our expertise in the area, we can help you too get the home you want and the money to help you fix it up!


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