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My name is “Sean Overstreet.” I am the Vice President of the Fischer Investment Group. We are a sixth year, Real Estate firm based out of Tampa, Florida who works with about 1000+ Active investors on a regular basis. We are currently one of the largest buyers of residential homes in the country today! Our mission is to negotiate Master Home Deals for our investor base in key areas of the country at price that is based off of "current estimated Replacement cost" & not based off of big discounts that sound nice. Big discounts really don’t mean much unless you have a real replacement cost basis to compare it with! We negotiate for Homes only at these "bottom floor" prices in order to minimize our investors' exposure or risk to any potential market price decline!Once we put these deals in place, then our investor base can buy these deals direct from the Builder at our private prices. No-one else in the country can get these prices from these Builders & there is no spread built into these deals! We get paid out of a Buyer's Agent/Real Estate commission!We also have Rental Operations set up in each area that we invest in at a low cost. All of our properties will positive cash flow due to their substantial low price & great rental areas. We feel the investor should purchase these homes at these ridiculous prices now in this tremendous buyer's market (let alone at our private, negotiated prices), have a substantial positive cash flow along the way, and in 4-5 years sell the home once the RE market returns to normalcy again. That is when supply & demand has evened out a bit. At that time, the investor can conservatively expect a 200-300% Return on Investment and a 75-85% Return on Purchase Price.If you would like more information about us, please visit our website at or feel free to contact me at (813) 784-4521.


Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime if you have any questions and/or interests in what we do. My email is 




About Me: 

I have been in the Real Estate industry for over 10 years working for a developer, new homebuilder, and now as a VP of Group Sales for our Investor base looking for the right deal that makes sense. Due to my vast background working on both sides of the RE business, I have a very substantial understanding of what the Builder's pay for these properties (cost wise) & what they are willing to do to get rid of or close out a key community. Also, I have a energetic, aggressive, yet approachable personality which our investor base feels very comfortable & excited about. 

I am married with a newborn son named Maddox which is the joy of my life. My wife & I enjoy traveling to the Carribean and Europe when our schedule allows it. 



Fischer Investment Group is a Real Estate firm that negotiates Master Home Deals w/ both New Homebuilders & Banks (REO's) in key areas of the US at a price which is "at or below" Replacement Cost for