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Real Estate Social Media and Technology Community 5,000 Facebook Fans which is the largest page in Facebook for our topic. We work nationally on tech and social media with 1000's of agents daily

Get to know Chris Smith

Tech Savvy Agent is a nation wide project that was launched recently and is rapidly growing.

Our goal is two-fold.

*To provide Realtors with a forum to learn, grow, engage and progress regarding all things real estate technology.

*To provide consumers a resource on the internet where they can find prescreened Tech Savvy Local Agents to handle their transactions.

Think of us as a combination between an interactive Wikipedia for Real Estate Technology and a Lending Tree for consumers to find local agents that are tested and proven to be Tech Savvy before they recieve your info.

Nothing to buy, just free answers and tech reviews anytime Realtors need them by some of the best tech minds in the industry and a proven group of Tech Savvy Local Agents to help today's growingly Tech Savvy consumers with their transactions.

We don't promote ourselves and plaster our headshots on our site, there is already way too much of that type of marketing in this industry. We hope you will find our unique concept and approach both intriguing and refreshing!

We look forward to you joining our netowrk...

Amazing Blog posts, Facebook/Twitter pages with archived/searchable topics that are geared 100% to the ever growing relationship between Real Estate and Technology.

Should you buy a Mac and does it work with your local MLS?...Hate Zillow but don't know how they actually calculate their Zestimate?...Should you be Tweeting or is it a waste of time for an agent?...Which smart phone is the best one for YOU and YOUR business and which apps can increase productivity? All of these topics and more are currently being discussed by more than 3,000 agents.

We look forward to you joining us and participating in our community!

If you would like to contribute to our blog, be deemed a Tech Savvy Local Agent, invest in our company or are wondering about adverstising opportunities, simply leave a comment with your info and we will get in touch with you quickly.

We can also be found on:

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