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After strucutring and trading mortgage backed securities on Wall Street for about a decade, working with the likes of Vanguard Mutual Funds, Washingtion Mutual Bank, and the Federal Home Loan Banks, about utilizing low cost federal funds and deposits to leverage income using mortgage securities, I moved to the retail side where the rat race was run a bit slower.

Now, utilizing the vast amount of information I acquired in that profession, as well as the econmic analytical data I was exposed to, I realized this leverage strategy could be used to assist house rich / savings poor people, as well as new buyers to leverage the largest debt they will ever create to grow wealth, imcrease cash flow and improve theirs and thier family's quality of life.

After embarking on the journey I realized I was not the only one personally practicing this new thought on mortgages and found the Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist program. www.CMPSInstitute.org . I am one of only about 2700 CMPS nationwide and the only one in my immediate market.

Taking a Core Values Based Approach of: COMMITMENT, QUALIFICATIONS, EXCELLENCE AND LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS, We work with clients to look at the mortgage as thier largest personal debt and it's broad based impact on thier short and long term financial future as it pertains to:

Retirement Cash Flow Needs Caring for Aging Parents Putting Children Through College Tax Benenfits Long Term Savings And More

This Core Values Based Approach has postioned me as a local expert, a frequent referral partner of financial planners, estate attorneys and investment brokers.

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One of about 2700 Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist nationwide,(www.CMPSInstitute.org) and ex-Wall Street trader. I also own a Credit Repair business in Magnolia.