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Tammy Edwards- Broker/Prudential Woodmont Realty Hermitage: "Ron Reed is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He has a wealth of knowledge in sales and in the mortgage/real estate industry. He does an excellent job of training and motivating others in their business. "Ron enjoys working with and training newer agents in the business. He's a great teacher and motivator. His enthusiasm is infectious and other agents love being around him. "Ron has a high level of energy, integrity, and values. I would absolutely recommend him to work with my clients and other agents."


 Kimberly Hodges- Owner/Broker/ Hodges & Hodges Realty

"Ron Reed's in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and products available to my clients has been invaluable!  Ron goes "above and beyond" to help clients obtain the best mortgage product for their purchase. 

"His outlook on clients is long-term - not just making a quick buck...and he regards every client with honesty, quick responses and good advice.  His knowledge base is not just limited to residential products, but extends to commercial and business transactions as well. 

"I feel confident in referring Ron to my clients, and you can trust in putting 100% confidence in him for your needs also!"


Emily Lowe- Agent/ Prudential Woodmont Realty Green Hills

"Ron Is A Great Mortgage Broker"


Linda Stevenson- Owner/Broker/Kijiji Realty

"I would reccomend Ron Reed because he is very knowledgable in his field, and keeps abreast of what's going on in the industry. When Ron Reed is at the start of a home loan application, the buyer and seller can be secure that the loan will come to fruition." 


Michelle Fonseca- Agent/Prudential Woodmont Realty Hermitage

"I have built a relationship with Ron Reed the past 6 months. I have had the pleasure of listening to him speak on numerous subjects on how to make it in this market.

"I've just finished his 6 weeks to 6 figures in any market. It has taught me to be more confident on handing my business cards out, seeking out fsbo's and expireds, and selling that I can I help people with their needs in this business, whatever it may be.

"I recently picked up 2 buyers and sellers from doing just that: handing them my card with confidence and knowing that I will start a relationship with them, whether they refer me or I work with them now or in the future, get your name out there and things willl happen.

"I've learned so much from Ron that's its hard to put into words." 


Hello, my name is Ron Reed aka The Mortgage Doc Of Music City. I am a licensed Affiliate Broker and member of the Tennessee Association of Mortgage Brokers (TNAMB) as well as the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB). I formerly held an active Real Estate liscense while residing in Chicago, Illinois, relocating to Nashville in June of 2001.  

Since being in Tennessee, I've had the opportunity and great joy of assisting hundreds of homebuyers and realtors9(r) over the past 7 years. I also look forward to expanding my participation with Habitat For Humanities in the future.

In addition to assiting home buyers select the right mortgage for their long & short term needs, I also specialize in helping Real Estate Agents increase their market share & in educating consumers on the road of financial independence.

I publish a FREE weekly E-zine for Realtors, "Bridging the Gap to Real Estate Success" and conduct a FREE monthly seminars "Bridging the Gap to Real Estate Success: Lunch & Learn" where we cover a number of timely subjects such as, "The Art of Negotiation," "The 11.5 Secrets to A Successful Short Sale," "Time Management 2.0" & "Business Plan 2009: The Year of Truth."

I also publish a FREE weekly E-zine for Consumers "Bridging the Gap to Financial Success."

If you would like to subscribe to either or both E-zines and/or would like to attend one of our "BTGTRES Lunch & Learn" Seminars, Please shoot me an email & type your request in the subject line. Also, include your name, company name & email address.

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I personally enjoy working with FTHB's, Self Employed, Musicians, & any who have been turned down by the banks & other lending institutions. We utilize our "Get Home Ready" program for those that we cannot help right away.

Some of those clients close within 90-120 days but the majority close on homes in 6-9 months after entering our program. These individuals are very appreciative & flood us a with a bounty of referrals.

I also enjoy assisting real estate agents to reach their goals, that is, Bridge The Gap To Success via coaching, training, seminars, etc. The Sellers Team is committed to helping our realtor(r) partners reach their goals and meet the challenges of the coming year.

I entered the Commercial & Short Sale side of Real Estate Mortgage Lending in early 2008. This too has proved very rewarding. My colleagues & I are partnering with Realtors, Financial Planners, Business Owners & others, scheduling seminars & distributing marketing materials throughout the mid-Tennessee area.  This has turned out to be a large untapped if not uneducated market & we have recieved exponential exposure & response.

Due to the large amount of buyers & sellers that we attract through referrals & other marketing mediums, we are able to supply our realtor partners with preapproved clients each & every month. We refer to this as our "Make My Realtor Rich Program."

We also offer our services to Realtors, helping them follow up on their Unused Leads. As a result, many have been able to close an additional transaction each month- imagine that, an additional transaction each month & we do most of the work.

Unlike the majority of loan officers who sit around waiting and begging their realtor partners to feed them with leads, we are very proactive & therefore attract and selectively choose to work only with realtors, who like ourselves, strive for excellence & professionalism in each & every transaction, and who are working their way toward the top of their field. 



We promote & encourage education in every way & through various sources- for the Realtor, the client & the consumer. The successful home buyer, the successful home seller & the successful real estate agent all have one commonality & that is the POWER of KNOWLEDGE!  We truly believe that Knowledge ROCKS!

Charlie "Tremendous" Jones said that the difference between where we are TODAY and where we'll be at the end of the year will be determined by two main events: 1. The people we meet 2. The Books we read.

As free will adults, living in the greatest and wealthiest country on this planet, we all, with only a few exceptions, choose our destiny. We choose to be rich or poor. We choose to be in the top 20% percentile or to fight for the scraps among the 80%. We choose to complain and blame or we choose to make a difference. We choose to be a malediction ourselves and others or we choose to be a blessing to everyone that we come into contact with.

Larry Wingett is one of those brutally honest, love 'em or hate 'em type of guys.  Take 2 minutes, click on the links below and to listen to his pithy comments on taking responsibilty and life learning. (Caution: if you're extremely sensitive, thinned-skin or suffering from depression, you may want to take a rain-check on this offering.)

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