The Real Estate Home Staging School (Your Home Staging Career IS our Business)

Home Staging Classes developed by experienced and existing Home Staging Professionals

We provide Home Staging Classes and Workshops developed by experienced and established Home Staging Professionals, to teach you to provide GREAT home staging services from your own staging business!

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The Real Estate Home Staging School TM   aka The Staging School, was founded in a desire to reach individuals interested in home staging and/or building a home staging business. Our goal is to provide The Complete  Home Staging Business Training Program.    Many new home staging business owners are not prepared prior to opening and therefore the career goals are not met.  With knowledge of the product but not the ability to run the business  of the company effectively, you have a prescription for failure.   

The Real Estate Home Staging School offers Full programs, 1 day and 1/2 day workshops and customized programs for individuals, groups and businesses.

We provide strong education instructions for home staging and business development. Please call us to discuss your needs!

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Our program are Real classes, Real assignments and Real  projects. You have to do the work to graduate! (and by completing the work , you gain knowledge and confidence)

About The Complete Home Staging Business Training Program  The class is a combination of home study and a hands-on workshop.* Participants are each assigned a personal Mentor.  That Mentor works with the client through each phase of the training and reviews each of the 16 work assignments required.  Segments of the Training are:

Overview of the Staging Industry: includes insight into the industry, related industries, markets and economics. Client Psychology: helps one to think like a Buyer and a Seller when making staging decisions. Pre-Staging: this segment defines the MUST-DO activities prior to dressing a home to sell through staging. Staging Core Competencies: the skills to success are presented and demonstrated including Space/Room Planning, Lighting, Color, Balance, Focal Points, Art, Furniture Placement. Business Services: this segment defines potential revenue streams for consideration when defining your business scope. Building Your Business Model: includes how to name your business and make it legal, how to choose the type of business, sole proprietor, LLC, etc. and how to structure and organize. Building Your Business: deals with Corporate record requirements, Financial requirements, Marketing, Research, Web Site, and Advertising. Building Your Business Policy and Procedure: teaches you office policy and procedure essential to running an efficient and effective office.  * 2 day hands on workshop. If location is a problem ,this can be achieved via tele-conference classes, audio instruction and additional projects.  *** When you complete the course, You will have a fully functional Business Plan.***

Remember this is the criteria for the Complete Home Staging Business Program. The segments of training for the Staging Program and The Business Program and more information, can be obtained by contacting the school via web site or email

Individual workshops are being scheduled now and will be on the school's web site soon