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Tisha T. Casida
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Get to Know Tisha T. Casida

I have a passion for seeing people thrive in their local communities and economies.  This means having tremendous health, a beautiful property, and an active, safe, and educated community.  I believe in Sustainability - this means acting in ways that will not harm future generations, protecting our Constitution, and the free markets that provide for the American Dream.

That is how people thrive and that is how our communities grow.  I am a part of this and want to help people on their paths of creating the future that they dream about - specifically purchasing and selling farm properties and ranchland - the soil that is so important to the future of this great Country.


I have a background in Business and Political Science.  My education was focused on these two subjects, and I continue to use this knowledge in my real estate and marketing business.  I have a passion for America's free market, as well as the democratic systems that are in place that allow consumers to have a choice and to ultimately decide what the marketplace offers.

To specify my education: I have a Bachelor of Science in Business with a minor in Marketing.  I also have a Bachleor of Arts in Political Science, emphasis in International Studies, with a minor in Philosophy.  I have also received my Masters in Business Administration from Colorado State University-Pueblo.  

How in the world does this fit into Real Estate?  Well, buying and selling in our wonderful free market system is all about MARKETING.  I know how to market products and services - that is my business.  I know what the consumer sees, what they want and what they need. I work hard and believe in working hard for my clients and my Country.