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We offer powerful training courses which are based on proven techniques and values to ensure success. Our training courses catapult careers and separate our graduates from their competition.

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2 Blue Chip Professionals, LLC is a training and consulting firm that offers Audit Preparation, Training, and State Licensing Assistance to Mortgage and Financial industries.  2 Blue Chip Professionals, LLC operates within a classroom and online environment when training new and season loan originators continual education requirements.  This training includes preparation for compliance with State and Federal Laws and renewing State licenses.  2 Blue Chip Professionals, LLC, is the answer to a consistently cited mortgage industry problem: the scarcity of knowledgeable, value-added, effective training and consulting.
          The company goals include assisting Mortgage Lending and Finance industries in raising the competency level of loan officers and we partner with State Regulators, National Mortgage Licensing System and S.A.F.E Act to include the latest changes to all Mortgage Lending laws  to ensure necessary compliance's are met.  2 Blue Chip Professionals, LLC is dedicated to providing quality service and experienced staff.  With over 20 years of combined experience in the Sales, Mortgage Lending and Financial industries, the company principals not only ensure quality training and support materials but strive to build an effective continual relationship between each and every customer. 
          2 Blue Chip Professionals, LLC provides top-notch training and consulting. We specialize in training for Mortgage Loan Originators.  We offer Continuing Education and State Licensing courses.  2 Blue Chip Professionals offers assistance in State Licensing for Mortgage companies along with great customer support - a combination that can't be beat!

 Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, 2 Blue Chip Professionals, LLC has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

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Trevor has over 13 years experience in the mortgage industry.  In his experience he has managed multiple mortgage locations for major corporations as well as functioned as a Loan Officer, processor and an underwriter.  Trevor has written Mortgage Loan Officer training courses that have been approved by the State of Maryland and North Carolina as a course requirement necessary for Loan Originators to obtain their license. This experience makes him the ideal person to help anyone seeking a mortgage loan assistance.  He has his BS degree from the University of Phoenix in Business Management eBusiness.

Trevor is known as the Financial Physician.  He looks at a customer's situation and prescribes the best product for his customers. His extensive knowledge in Real Estate Financingand Investments will help you qualify for financing more easily than with other Mortgage professionals.

Whether you are seeking funds to purchase a home, looking for an investment property, refinancing, or going through a foreclosure, or just have a few questions that involves Real Estate contact me Today!!