Todd Maxedon (Brinkoetter and Associates)

1610 E. Pershing Rd.

Decatur , IL 62526

Todd offers a wide range of services for buying and/or selling real estate in Macon, Moultrie and surrounding counties. Residential, Agriculture, Commercial sales/listing. Prompt response to contacts.

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In the current marketplace a property needs to stand out or be a good value... Todd can make your property stand out by using a complete marketing package...

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As a seller, Todd will listen to your wants and needs, and after research, will assist you in arriving at a competitive price for your property. As a buyer you can be assured that Todd will help narrow the field of available properties and show you what you are looking for. Experience, Knowledge, and a great work ethic is what makes Todd's service valuable.

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The counties of Macon, Moultrie, and surrounding counties including cities of Decatur, Sullivan, Warrensburg, Forsyth, Macon, and many more. These are the area's that Brinkoetter& Associates realtors operate in. Every real estate transaction proves to be different and for this reason one would expect an agent to be adaptable to these changes. Todd will work to solve any and all challenges that may arise in the home buying/selling process. It doesn't matter if its your first home purchase, Todd will handle the details promptly or will ask someone for help if need be.