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People may try to imitate Todd Strauss but very few come close to it.Why is this? That's easy, few have the drive,determination, passion, preserverence, knowledge, and sheer focusing to see you close'

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When I got into this business my core believe that made me the person I am to today was that I had this amazing ability to interact with people.  I had this puritan work ethic that honesty, a good days work, a warm smile and a good hand shake means everything; to me it still does.

You know what?  When you give someone your word, it's what my parents told me, "Todd, It's the only thing you are going to take to the grave with you, that as well as your dignity and integrity."

I am the individual who would rather let you down now rather than later. A call from me means that I would like to get together with you, roll up our sleeves and get a game plan to just not get an offer on your house, but to get it CLOSED!!

At this time I ask you, with all the people out there promising you the stars and telling you how great they are and telling you that you will get a bottle of snake oil repellent for a closing present wouldn't it be a breath of fresh air knowing that someone is going to look you in the eyes, shake your hand and say we have work to do.  I am the man, I have a team that is unparrellel to any other, I will debate my fellow broker face to face if needed, I will fight for you till the bitter end, and I always will use the best morals and ethics that will allow you to always recommend me as a referral with a clean concience, after all that is how I built my business.  Why not call today for your free real estate toolkit whether you are buying or selling.  Perhaps you would like an online market determination to determine you net value of you home. For what it's worth I offer service that no one else does now; email me at or call me directly at 920-988-0458 to become a VIP buyer.  What's great about this? you can beat everyother buyer to all the hot new listings before they can either breath or think about it. What's great about that? I believe in cutting edge technology, being one step ahead of everyone else, and I want to give my buyers and sellers the hottest and newest tools available. Want to know what separates the meek from the great brokers?  The truth is all you have to do is call me and make an appointment and you will walk away knowing you have all the tools instruments tecknology and a caring broker in your corner that will come out swinging for you everytime.  YOU HAVE MY WORD ON THAT, AND I WILL SEE YOU AT CLOSING.

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When I got into real estate I was like anyone else, I put all my consentration into residential real estate; big homes, small homes, new homes, old homes, farms, new construction, lake homes, estate sales, divorce sales, repeat buyers from present sales. I have seen peoples kids grow up. When a time people speculate that the market is getting harder, they need to take a step back and realize that in earlier times in real estate before the sub prime problems, FHA, VA, WHEDA, Conventional and other types of loans were the norms and they still are.  If you have the money you have somewhat decent credit there truly never has been a better time in history to buy a house or property. Why is this? The selection is great, the interest rates are incredible and the economy is on the growth spurt going up and not going down. In my eyes I challenge anybody to call me and tell me when there could be a better time, there just isn't. 

Which brings me to my next topic, I sell investment real estate. There is more SBA money out there now than you can shake a stick at, the banks love to sell investment properties, and if it is over a four family and outside of Fannie Mae, or Freddie Mac underwriting the sellers can hold back second mortgages and help you with your down payment.  Get Rich, Get Rich now, let me show you how!  Call me for my next upcoming seminar that will range from buying your home, buying your investment properties or starting your own business.  It is a lot easier than you think.  I work with people in my company when doing seminars that have people very comfortable in life, call me for details now and your FREE PUBLICATION that will fully explain this.  Before you buy I will teach you to do a CASH FLOW after taxes, ANNUAL PROPERTY operating data sheets, ALTERNATIVE CASH FLOW WORKSHEETS, more importantly financial planning and budgeting as well as putting yourself in the proper entity; example; an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).  The choice is yours, work with the basic people or someone like myself with my team that will truly impact your life and make a difference that you will never forget. 

That my friends you have my word on.

Sincerely yours in real estate,

Todd Strauss

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