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Well to leave it simple I get the job done! also believe it or not I will work for Free, yes Free, just to get Referrals, call and ask away odds are if I can't do it no one can, because I work to the core to get the job done and closed.

Now, I have a beautiful wife and two great sons which by far are my life, Everything I do is for them and I want to give to them what I didn't have and then some. They deserve the world.....

about 16 years ago
Ron White.. Tater Salad, He! He!                                                                                                                                                                  ...

I specialize in getting every loan done there is almost no way for me to fail just takes time and some effort, I will be blunt I specialize in anything that has to do with mortgages, one thing is in this business everyone is a realtor or mortgage broker. I have made it clear, that I am a Mortgage Broker, and i'm  not new to the business if you don't lie you will get referalls always, thats what I say.


95% purchase with seller 2nd to 100% 590 credit score


******Tennessee Licensed******

First time homebuyers

High loan to value with no mortgage insurance

Example 100% No Mortgage Insurance Loans

Hundreds of products to choose from.....

      This is a great quote

" The quickest way to fail is to quit trying"


If you want it Done right the first time, Call me. I will show you how a broker is supposed to work, always professional. Serving Tennessee and Florida. Always... Think "Tweiss" First