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An instructional designer and Realtor(tm); creating e-learning solutions with RealtyU: a career development company for residential real estate professionals.   I came on board RealtyU in May 2007. I immediately hit the ground running converting several instructor-led training courses to online educational programs for real estate professionals. MY COMPANY'S MISSION: To help real estate professionals achieve higher levels of success by delivering a comprehensive portfolio of relevant, quality training and education.RECENT PROJECTS: In April 2008, I rolled out is a high-vis online course for real estate pre-foreclosure sales. (See the demo below.) WHAT'S NEXT: I'm excited to soon be working with subject matter experts to develop online courses for real estate professionals in the subjects of Negotiations and Internet Marketing. WHY I'M ON ACTIVERAIN: To develop professional networks that help me keep abreast of rapid changes in techniques, technologies and opportunities in the real estate industry; and to connect with trend setters influencing the future of residential real estate transactions.

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