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Please consider giving 3 days / 2 night travel certificates.  Cost is only 0.35 cents each.    

These certificates are printed with your company name and contact information.             http://www.increasebusinesssales.com  

 These certificates entitle your clients to 3 days / 2 nights in their choice of 1 of 20 different destinations.

The destinations that are offered are on the website.     They pay a processing fee of $12.00 and the taxes on the room which is about $7.00-$12.00 a night depending on the location.   Our website is http://www.increasebusinesssales.com


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Our Travel Certificates are proven sales tools that stimulate sales activity and generate interest and traffic. Travel incentives are an excellent high-value low-cost way to inspire and motivate employees. Vacations, perceived as a luxury by many, provide a tangible, highly motivating force. Travel incentives can be used to reward a sales team for meeting quotas, or for meeting deadlines. A travel gift certificate is sure to satisfy those hard to please customers and employees.

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