Trevor Roberti (The Buyers' Brokerage, Inc.)

519 Seabright Ave.

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Santa Cruz , CA 95062

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An Associate Broker with the Santa Cruz Buyers’ Brokerage where we focus EXCLUSIVELY on assisting buyers. If you are BUYING real estate in the Santa Cruz area, we are the experts.

Get to know Trevor Roberti

Before getting into real estate, I was a scientist and educator. I have a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from UC Santa Cruz where he lectured for the department of chemistry for several years. It turns out that my attention to detail and passion for understanding the big picture that was a great asset as a scientist and educator has also been a great asset in real estate.

I have always been a natural teacher which I bring to real estate as I make sure my clients understand as much as possible about their transactions. I love teaching first time home buyers about the benefits of home ownership and helping them navigate through their first purchase.

I also love to share the benefits of real estate as an exceptional investment vehicle. Because of my passion for the benefits of real estate investment, I have developed extensive real estate programs to demonstrate investment opportunities with both commercial properties and residential properties. If you are interested in real estate as an investment, you surely want to sit down and talk to me about what types of properties will work best for you.

I got into real estate because of its ability to sustain and grow wealth. I am passionate about the security of equity for a home owner as well as the unlimited cash flow and appreciation opportunities in commercial real estate.

Having previously been involved in dual agency, I am very happy to work ONLY for buyers, avoiding the conflicts of interest arising when the buyers and sellers have the same agents or agents from the same office who work together. Working exclusively with buyers, I am truly loyal to the buyer and the expert buyer's agent.

As well as previously working with residential and commercial brokerages, I am the founding owner of two real estate companies where I continued to gain expertise in the many aspects of real estate transactions.

I have a service-oriented personality. When I say "How can I help you?" I mean it. And I look forward to helping you with all aspects of your next real estate purchase whenever you are ready.

I am dedicated to a high level of professionalism. I believe that realtors should be held to the highest standards. When you are purchasing real estate, you want a professional in your corner. You want somebody who puts your interest ahead of his own interests. When you work with me you will see how my primary interest is to take care of you.

I make every effort to get you into the right house for you and protect you throughout the transaction.

Regardless of my considerable experience, I am always working on improving my knowledge of the business so I can best serve my buyers.

And finally, I have a great love for Santa Cruz. And Santa Cruz real estate is as diverse as its population. From the westside to downtown to the San Lorenzo Valley to Scotts Valley to the East Side to Live Oak, Capitola and Soquel, to Aptos, La Selva Beach, Corralitos and Watsonville, and everywhere in between there is so much diversity. Let me help you find the best property for you. Contact me today.


At the Santa Cruz Buyers' Brokerage, we specialize in BUYING real estate.  Since purchasing my first home, I have always looked at the INVESTMENT aspect of real estate.  My specialty is getting you the property that fits you best and getting it at the best price.  Because I work exclusively with buyers, I have my finger on the pulse of the market, I excel at writing offers that get accepted and working with professionals to assure we can complete the purchase transaction.

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