Dana Gibby, Asst. Living Facilities (Vanguard Commercial, LLC)

144 Whippoorwill Ridge Road

Jackson , GA 30233

Service a step ahead, Loyalty a step above, Committment a step beyond, Ecclesia!

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Are you looking to buy or sell commercial property? If you want to purchase an empty Commercial Building,  Land,  Assisted Living Facility or Mobile Home Park then we are the company for YOU! Sure, we can help you buy or sell anything, but Vanguard Real Estate specializes in these areas.  

Dana Gibby's Blog Posts


Land - The Broker cut her real estate teeth on lots and land sales.

Commercial - We were mentored under more than 60 years of experience.

Assisted Living Facilities - We can help you purchase or sell or Assisted Living Facility anywhere in GA! We have lenders and attorneys with years of experience working with all the intricate details involved with the sale or purchase of an A.L.F. 

Mobile Home Parks- The very first agent to join Vanguard Commercial(and still with us) is out speaking with Mobile Park Managers and Owners daily. He has more than 20 years of building experience under his toolbelt.

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