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Palm Coast , FL 32164

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I am a full-time Florida REALTOR and can truthfully say that I LOVE what I do ... which is helping people find that perfect place to call home ...  Having been in sales and marketing for over 20 years, it just seem natural for me to become a REALTOR when we moved from Ohio to Florida back in 1999, my sister lived here and was a Realtor for 18 years ... can't get a better teacher then that!!We decided on this area because in 1977, when Palm Coast had one main road, and one stop sign ... we came to visit a family friend who lived here.  After many visits, and a daughter who was graduating from high school ..... my family decided that it was time to move down to the place that we loved to visit -- and then ... my daughter, brothers, and cousins all soon followed!!  Now I am doing what I love to do - meet new people, see beautiful homes, and find just what people are looking for.I wouldn't live anywhere else in Florida ... it really is perfect here for me .... we have three seasons so it is not hot all the time like it is in south Florida.  You will  find that you are in a much better mood here ... in Ohio it seemed like it was gray, raining and gloomy for weeks on end .. that can be terrible for anyone's mood!!  And oh yes .. don't forget .. we have the beach ... even if you don't like to swim in it, it's wonderful to look at and listen to!!

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I can help you find just what you are looking for in a  home, condo, land, or commercial building or location.  Just give me an idea of what you are looking for and what is important to you ... and I can send listings to you via email to narrow down what you want to look at when you arrive.