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At Adelphi Retirement Management, Inc., we tailor your investments needs by structuring your retirement account from day one.  Working in conjuncton with our Trust company, we serve as your IRA's Administrator, managing your IRA's assets, and implementing your investment goals.  As the Investment Manager, you will have full control of your investments planning.  Our job is to ensure that these investments are in complience with the IRS regulation, ensuring that your investments will pass an IRS audit!

We will help create a LLC to hold title for all your IRA's assets.  This structure facilitates titling of your assets, and our financial reporting systems enables you to manage your IRA like a business, complete with quarterly Statements - P&L balance sheet.

Now you can start investing in real estates, gold and silver, businesses, private notes, mortgage notes, oil & gas drilling, tax liens, private placement, and LLC's / LP's.





Wai-Yew "Andrew": Lam  is currently the principal and owner of Adelphi Retirement Management, Inc., a self-directed IRA administrator located here in Tucson, AZ with offices in Walnut Creek, CA. He has extensive experience helping clients with investing in real estate, structuring ownership of assets, managing and helping clients diversify their investment portfolios, creating IRA LLCs and other entities to most effectively take title, handling asset transfers, purchases and sales, asset distributions, and implementing investment goals.

In addition, he has successfully completed thousand of Self-directed IRA transactions and 1031 tax-deferred exchanges passing every IRS audits, including delayed, reverse, construction, and business exchanges. He is the founder of Asian Real Estate Association of the East Bay (www.AREAEB.com), a non-profit organization comprising of over 150 real estate professionals located here in the Bay Area, California. The goal of this organization is to help increase Asian homeowenership and to empower real estate professionals to better serve their community. 


Wai-Yew "Andrew" Lam is the President of Adelphi Retirement Management, Inc. We specializes in managing Self-directed IRA accounts for clients all over the US.