Walter White (Better Homes & Gardens R.E. / Anderson (Trinity, TX))

446 Hackberry

Trinity , Tx 75862

Years of experience in the pineywoods around Lake Livingston. List and sell Waterfront, timber and pasture land, commercial and industrial properties, fine homes and fun homes. Call me anytime !

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Want 10 acres and a Kubota tractor?   Four bedroom waterfront with a boathouse tall enough for the tower on your v-drive?  Fifty acres with marketable timber that you can cut on a rotation, and hunt year round?  Classy 2 BR  weekender that you can walk to the pool and boat ramp?

We match buyers and sellers, guide the negotiations, assure fairness to both and make dreams come true.   We're real.....Realtors !

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 Familiar with Upper Lake Livingston from Harmon Creek to the 190 Bridge, both the Trinity River and White Rock Creek areas

Experienced with Pine Timber production, beef Cattle,  pasture.

Training and experience in Mineral Estate