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A broad range of skill and experience across the breadth of the Sales, Real Estate, and Construction industry in the Northwest with an emphasis on customer/client experience and loyalty.

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I love the Puget Sound and have made it my home for over 18 years.  While originally from Chicago, I was drawn to the Northwest because of its fantastic natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation.  I have stayed because of the wonderful people I have met here and the relationships I have built, especially with my wife and two young children...And Chicago is pretty cold in the winter!

Selling real estate has proven to be the perfect career match for me.  As an associate broker, I have consistently ranked in the top 1% nationally for listing and sales.  That's all fine and dandy, but that has happened because I personnally care a great deal for my clients.  I am committed to making each new real estate venture as smooth as possible and provide as much knowledge and insight as I can for my clients.  My mission is to help my clients make the right decision for them. Sometimes that may be where they may live, what house they will buy, or maybe not even buying a house at all.

My past and current clients have grown to trust my integrity, professionalism and experience.  It would be my great pleasure to assist you as well with all your real estate needs.  I would be privileged to add you to my ever-growing referral base of satisfied clients and would truly appreciate your business!


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Here is what my resume says:

"I offer demonstrated success in retaining a high level of client loyalty and referrals by providing outstanding, highly professional customer service and excellent project execution.  I have expert level proficiency in sales, real estate development, real estate contracts and negotiation, team leadership and customer service. "

Now, real estate-eze aside,  I have been in real estate for 10 years.  I have helped about 300 families buy or sell a home. I have experienced a tremendous variety of real estate transactions, from cash flowing properties to foreclosures, first time home purchases to short sales, million dollar plus sales, apartment building sales, and commercial leases. 

I have walked through these scenarious not only with my clients, but also on my own.  I know the emotional strain that having too high of a mortgage payment can put on a family.  I have known the sense of satisfaction of having a cash flowing investment property.  I have experienced the loss of a foreclosure.  Do you know that scene in It's A Wonderful Life where George Bailey runs into his home after having lost the money and hugs his kids and cries becuase he thinks he just brought them all to financial ruin?....I have had that moment.  I know what to do and, perhaps more importantly, what not to do. 

I feel it is truly a privilege given to me to help anyone, in any economic echelon, to walk through the real estate world- whether deciding to buy or sell or rent or just stay put and wait.  It is such a cool thing to have the wisdom you have gained from your experiences help out someone else! 

I feel I can handle your desires, wants and needs with a level of care that is hard to find and I have been convinced of this by my clients. I have the accreditation, but more so- I have clients whom I care for and who care for me.  Clients who trust me enough to refer their Grandma to me.  That is my barometer to determine the quality of work I am doing.






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