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By Kelan Robert Stewart, Following in the Footsteps of My Father
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Why the heck does everyone keep getting a null error when trying to post.If only I could figure out whyLet's see if throwing in a picture makes a difference. I know this, my dad is FRUSTRATED!!! (he even tried to Bold that word and you can't really tell if you use Chrome cause bolding doesn't work in Chrome like it should, right.
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By Jay McHugh, YOUR SendOutCard Mentor
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  Plesae view and share this wonderful new listing:   Located near bus line, Catholic Memorial High School and South Newton and South Brookline, this home offers a wonderful opportunity for a buyer looking to own a home rather than a condo or townhome... 98 Keith Street here in Boston Call Jay today   Open House will be this Saturday from 12-2 .... Offers will be reviewed on Monday, so plenty of time to meet with your loan officer and place your best offer forward.....     thanks again,      
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Please help Vegas Bob plug his (New Book) and he may do a book signing in your City!   Here is a copy of my latest business card for my new book coming out later this year and I need to order more because I have been handing them out. How would you like Vegas Bob to come to your City to do a book signing, we could talk Real Estate, Activerain, photography, traveling, investments and about my book. This book "Dark Side of David" is going to really be talked about by many different people, and is really meant to wake people up from their comfort zone when it comes to sexual abuse to children in our world. And the main reason for writing this book is because there is this part of my conscious that keeps telling me year after year, "Write this Book for the Children" Robert. Writing the Dar...
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By Ahmad Nazri Nordn
Today’s mortgage rates are at historically low levels. So, scoring a low mortgage rate when compared to other decades in recent history is not hard. The trouble comes in when you are trying to get the average low mortgage rate and your credit or finances keep lenders from offering you the going rate. Or, it could be that despite the going rate, you want something even lower. These are all reasonable scenarios and there are ways to work towards the mortgage rate that you envision.Prepare Before You ApplyIf you know that your credit is shaky, don’t bother to apply for a mortgage loan without first checking into your credit score. You can get your credit reports for free; however, you will have to pay to see your credit scores. You can use some of that payment to procure the services of a ...
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By Muhammad Ali Shah
(ali & co.)
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By Jon May
(Propertyshoot Real Estate Photography)
The state of real estate photography on the Sunshine Coast, at least for high-end homes, is quite good. Although there are an abundance of photographers and a wealth of real estate, the general reluctance of agents to use professional photographers in all but the high-end homes means that there is enough competition to drive quality up. You have to be competent in order to stand out and be employed. Among sub-$500k homes it is the agent who is taking the photos. Partly this is because agents here often recoup marketing costs from vendors, and vendors, already experiencing fiscal friction at the thought of the agent's fee, are even more reluctant to pony up yet more money for photography. Never mind that the cost of professional photography is a tiny fraction of the proceeds of the sale,...
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