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By James Dray
(Fathom Realty)
  Are you one of us?  By that I mean do you believe you have not yet met your potential.  You know you just know you are here on this third rock from the sun for a purpose.  I know I'm in the last trimester of my life and I know I have not yet met my potential.  I want as I'm sure most of you want to make a positive contribution to someone somewhere before I pass on. In real estate have you met you positive contribution?  I'm not talking about small mistakes everyone makes but positive things you have done.  We all help sellers and buyers but have you helped the one that will make you feel you've accomplished your mission in life?  I was approached by a person when I was in law enforcement that told me I made a difference in his life.  I accomplished my mission in that capacity.  Now I'...
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I won't use the terminology you would expect as the heading clearly illustrates but you get the idea.  I recently wrote on this subject once before.  Some clients are just better to work with than others and you know that.  What I don't understand is why some people (not restricted to clients) are so darn anal.  Is it that they had a bad childhood and are now taking it on the general population or are they just concentrating on the real estate agent who is trying to help them sell their property?  You know the type they think their 100K property is worth 180K because they paid 145K in 2004-2007 and they know the price of property has gone through the roof.  Once you show them the CMA'S they look at you with that scornful eye and expression like you pulled those numbers from the magic tr...
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