Waialae Nui Ridge (Honolulu, HI)
By David Buck, Realtor-Broker
(Harcourts Island Properties)
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Waialae Nui Ridge is directly inland from one of Honolulu's most luxurious neighborhoods of Kahala. What is nice about homes on Waialae Nui Ridge is that they are a fraction of the price of those in Kahala. Most of them also have ocean views. Views over Kahala from a Waialae Nui Ridge Home I recently sold Waialae Nui Ridge homes in Honolulu have also been known for their mid century modern architecture. What I like about Waialae Nui Ridge is the homes are more affordable than the ridge to the east, which is Waialae Iki. They are also newer homes than the ridge to the west, which is Wihelmina. So, in a nutshell you get the best of both worlds when comparing nearby ridges. Waialae Nui ridge offers newer homes at lower prices. Although Waialae Nui Ridge has a lot of homes, there is very li...
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