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Information gathered from the Idaho energy audits in Rexburg, Madison County, Idaho will be used to determine energy efficiency, retrofitting and weatherization projects using funds from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants (EECBG). Retrofitting projects will include air infiltration, energy efficient windows and doors, insulation levels, weather-stripping and caulking, and electric base loads.   Using its EECBG formula funding to retrofit and improve the energy efficiency of a number of it's municipal buildings that will result in substantial reduction in energy usage. EECBG Formula grants can be used for energy efficiency and conservation programs and projects community wide, as well as renewable energy installations on local municipal buildings, city facilities, local ...
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By Paul Bowen
(Country Wide Properties, Inc.)
Welcom to my blog. If your are looking for a great education in  a small town university, Rexburg Idaho may just be the place for you.  Brigham Young University Idaho (BYUI) is nesseled in the smal town of Rexburg Idaho.  It is one of the fastest groing 4 year institutions  in the west.  The school currantly has an annual enrolement of nearly 20,000 students.  They opporate on a 3 block schedule with 11,000 to 13,000 students per block with students attending two of the three blocks each year.  They expect to be at 23,000 to 24,000 students by 2010. If you need any more information on the University or the housing market in the quiet fasst growing community, just contact me. I have some great student housing units available for sale.  There is also a great selection of Town Homes and Co...
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By Ryan Nickel
(Cherry Creek Mortqage Company)
Well to tell you the truth, nothing.  If you know you have one and you know what is happening with your ARM.  I personally have an ARM on my primary residence and yes it's interest only.  Ooooo, Taboo!Not really.  The problem isn't having an ARM, it't the reason for having one that's the problem.  I opted to take out my mortgage as an ARM because of the strategy I had behind it.  My strategy, was and still is, to only make interst payments on my mortgage and to apply the difference in payment into an asset accumulation vehicle to build wealth.  You see, my strategy is to build wealth and let me money work for me rather than having it sit lazily and idlely in my home as "equity".The myth about equity is that is grows for you.  WRONG!!  The house is the asset that appreciates over time, w...
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