Plum Island (Newburyport, MA)
By Donna Quinlan, Keller Williams Realtor & Career Consultant
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Francis, the Chef/Owner of the Plum Island Grille on Plum Island in Newburyport, MA, is a classicly trained European Chef who cuisine is creative and "spot on" delicious. I've been in for appetizers several times recently.  Last night I had the Beef Tartar, and it was perfection!   The high quality beef is hand chopped, not processed, and the combination of flavors explodes in your mouth.  The Plum Island Clams, in blue cheese hinted cream sauce with bacon, was every bit as good.  The Caeser Salad with warm Gouda cheese is a complete meal if you add the grilled salmon, chicken or shrimp.  don't turn down the anchovies - they are real, fresh anchovies and nothing like the canned salty stuff (that I detest).  If you've never tried anchovies this way, you can buy them at the gourmet food s...
    Plum Island, Newburyport MA and Newbury, MA:  Finally the long awaited rescue operation is funded and in place.  For the last three years I have been reluctant to show waterfront properties on Plum Island because of erosion; the DEP had prevented the traditional erosion management measures and only recently had reconsidered and allowed "dune management" to occur.  Now, with the dredging operation, my concerns are alleviated.   It's time to sell Plum Island Real Estate again!  Great properties, great location:  This is the only sandy beach location near a town center that is full of restaurants, activities and charm (Newburyport MA) within an hour's drive of Boston.   Portsmouth NH is less than a half hour away.  Check out this article in today's Newburyport Daily News:  http://www.n...
By Dan Tucci
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Wednesday's storm in Newburyport, Ma has taken a large toll on the coastline because of erosion. The strong winds, rain and crashing waves took a toll on a sea cost home on Plum Island. After residents of the home had heard load cracking, a town inspector came to evaluate and he determined that the home needed to become evacuated. This landmark home which appeared in many post cards over the years to attract tourism, was to be demolished because of fear of falling into the sea. This was a home that was in the family for over forty years. Residents living close to this property wonder is their home is next, and are demanding that something be done by the town before it is too late. Here is the video of the home crashing down late Wednesday afternoon.
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