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By Charlene Hamilton, Reno Relocation Real Estate
(Keller Williams Group One Reno)
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Last week, the Reno City Council approved $4.5 million in funding to help stabilize Reno's real estate market.  Three weeks ago, I told you in my blog, Reno and Sparks To Buy Foreclosed Homes, that the City of Reno and Sparks would be purchasing homes in an attempt to stabilize home values.  The ...

By Ken Wiseman
(America's Caribbean Realty)
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The sign smasher has written a note:Hi, Ken,To answer your question; No, I wasn't going to call and tell you that I had smashed your sign.  I was planning on straightening it, and replacing it in it's proper place, along with the post, that I also targeted.If I had noticed the sign was missing, I...

By Ken Wiseman
(America's Caribbean Realty)
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Yesterday I announced the Adopt-A-Sign-Program.  My wife on her way from home noticed one of my signs mangled in front of one of my listings.  I told her to bring it home.  I thought it was those teens again.  When the sign got home, I took it out for an investigation with the help of my neighbor...

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