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By Jean Hedren, Northwest Wisconsin
Nelson Lake This 2,502 acre lake is located just northeast of Smith Lake, and only a few minutes north of Hayward.  It has a shoreline of 31.4 miles, a maximum depth of 35 feet, and a mean depth of 5 feet.  In it, you’ll find muskies, northerns, walleyes, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and panfish.  Secchi disk readings are around 3.2 feet, but those lower readings are mainly because of naturally ocurring tannins from the spruce and tamarack bogs upstream of Nelson Lake. As you can see from this aerial, Nelson Lake has a meandering shoreline, many small islands, and one larger island called Big Island.  This gives the lake a more remote, up-north sort of feel than one might expect.  Plus, there are some large stretches of the shoreline, mostly low-lying wetlands, that remain undevelo...
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By Martha DeLong
(Edina Realty, Inc.)
Market Update 3/31/2010 "How's the market?" is the most asked question I get these days.  My comeback.....all over the board.  I have been in real estate over 15 years and that is the best answer I can give.  Just like the weather, it runs warm then cold. Not like the hot and warm scenario of years past.  So, I will do a simple breakdown for you based on Sawyer County Residential Solds and you can see for yourself just how the market is doing. 2009  VS 2010 As of January 31, 2010 - There was a 65% increase in total sales, with a 43% increase in the median sold price and a 20% increase in total units sold. As of February 28, 2010 - There was a 62% decrease in total sales, with a 31% decrease in the medain sold price and a 40% decrease in total units sold. As of March 31, 2010 - There was...
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