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By Carmela Jacobs, Ventura Co., Los Angeles Co., CA, & Global Realtor
(Carmela Realty)
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Cuales son las 4 renovaciones principales para el mayor retorno de la inversión    Algunos aspectos destacados: Si usted está planeando poner su casa a la venta este año, aquí están los cuatro proyectos principales de mejoras para el hogar que le darán mayor rentabilidad de la inversión (RoI). L...

By NextDay Inspect, Residential Home Inspections & Radon Testing
(NextDay Inspect)
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Sticking, rubbing, cheap, nasty, impossible patio screen door! Well, the door takes a beating, and most patio screen doors are not the highest quality. But often there is a fix.Most sliding patio screen doors can be unstuck with a little maintenance. First, look at the lower track. Clean it with ...

By Kathy Streib, Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224
(Room Service Home Staging)
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We have already had several drownings in my area and that is too many!  Please read this and never take your eyes off of children when they are in or around the pool.  We hear the sad stories all the time...toddler drowns in pool. Don't think it can't happen to you because it happens to people yo...

By Jennifer Stone, Favorite Four Letter Word: SOLD
(Big Show Realty)
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Carpet is one of the most valuable and expensive possessions that you might have in your house. Its functionality and ecstatic beauty can be a great addition to your décor. But it can be really painful when you drop something sticky on it. Be it a drink, chewing gum or sticky candy, you must make...

By Kate Steven, Best Real Estate Blog
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Germans are more associated with nature than you think. Velvet red lilies, roses, gerberas and orchids are not the appealing?  Germans are very conscious about expressing their emotions, thus there is some techniques and dos and don’ts before sending flowers to Germans. For instance you should no...

By Paul Antonelli, Broker Owner; Antonelli Realty
(Antonelli Realty)
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Have you seen the insurance commercial witht eh woman who is on the phone asking whether her "she" shed is covered.  I actually like the commerical. I think its funny. I saw an article by Better Homes and Gardens describing ways to build a she shed and thought I'd share it here. It is becoming a ...

By Ashley Carpenter, Home Renovation, DIY, and Decor Blog
(Joyfully Growing Blog, LLC)
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HOW TO INSTALL KITCHEN UNDER CABINET LIGHTINGBasic builder grade homes, as well as older homes often have dark shadowy kitchens - aka: in need of cabinet lighting!  A dimly lit kitchen feels small and unappealing, which certainly isn’t good for home value! If a full kitchen renovation isn’t in th...

By Asad Malik, I'm an real estate agent and a house builder.
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Brewing a coffee at home may seem like an easy task but you need to put every ingredient in an accurate amount to get the best flavor. You can simply follow a few tips or tricks which can help you get the best coffee. Here are 8 ways to brew better coffee at home. Coffee BeansYou need to invest t...

By Kate Steven, Best Real Estate Blog
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Moving home may appear to be a saddling task, however there are proven tips to help make moving day simpler – it doesn't need to be very upsetting!  Regardless of whether you're traveling the road or to another area, we have house moving tips and traps that will enable you to have a smooth progre...

By NextDay Inspect, Residential Home Inspections & Radon Testing
(NextDay Inspect)
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Health officials believe that thousands of people become ill because of contaminated water every year. Most folks think it is the stomach flu or food poisoning when contaminated water is the real culprit. Around your home, you must always separate drinking or potable water from any source of cont...

By Barbara Todaro, Marketing Agent for The Todaro Team
(RE/MAX Executive Realty )
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This wins the prize for unique properties!!! Man Builds Dream Home Over A Pond So He Can Fish From A Hole In His Living Room Floor https://www.bestrealestateblog.com/man-builds-dream-home-over-a-pond-so-he-can-fish-from-a-hole-in-his-living-room-floor?m=lJcYbeSXIdptYwXeckAk When you love somethin...

By David Best, Turn your house into a home! Home Improvement Tips
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Considering how important the bathroom is as a component of the household, it is understandable why renovating the space comes with quite a lot of emotion. There are several important decisions to make, including the design option, fixtures, and finishes. Thus the whole process takes longer. Also...

By Matt Lee, Real Estate Marketing
(Rise Up Local & Lead Generation Experts)
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Green building materials have several benefits for both builders and homeowners looking to build or renovate. From energy efficiency to healthier products that give off fewer VOCs, more green building materials are appearing on the market, meeting the demand that many people have for homes and bu...

By Doug Dawes, Your Personal Realtor®
(Keller Williams Realty - Topsfield, MA)
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That's a question that seems to pop up frequently. In most instances expending large sums of money preparing a home for sale will not result in the return you might expect. Below are the 4 top renovations you can do for a good return on investment.Top 4 Renovations For The Greatest Return On Inve...
If you’re a prospective resident looking for world-class amenities, you know that you deserve the best and shouldn’t settle for less. A mixture of convenience, style, luxury, business, and pleasure all play a role in which amenities you seek, but which options are the top-of-the-line in each cate...

By Kate Steven, Best Real Estate Blog
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There are certain things that will make your house a home. Such as furnishing and facilities. Home warranty is getting annual support for home related facilities. No one wants to get four walls and a roof. Everyone is looking for and dreaming of a perfect home. A house can be a shelter but a home...

By Kat DeLong, Realtor DRE#01235311, Lake Arrowhead Real Estate (
(LakeView Realty Enterprises, Inc)
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We hear the sad stories all the time...toddler drowns in pool. Don't think it can't happen to you because it happens to people you never thought it would. It happens to celebrities, helicopter moms and dads and even your loving and nurturing neighbor. You can never be too safe especially with tod...

By Renovation Find, Helping you find the best renovation companies.
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Kitchen and bathroom makeovers are expensive, especially when you decide to replace all the cabinets. Fortunately, this is not always necessary, and it is possible to refinish your bathroom and kitchen cabinets to give your Oakville home a décor update. Before you rip out your old cabinets, consu...

By Elisa Uribe Realtor #01427070, California Homes for Sale in the East Bay
(Golden Gate Sotheby's International)
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TURNING A BEDROOM INTO A LUX BEDROOM For most of us, our bedroom is little more than a place to sleep and relax. However, just because it has always been that way does not mean that we have to settle for drab and dreary.One trend that is gaining steam these days is converting your current bedroom...

By Esperanza Butler® 818 926 5425, Homes For Sale in West Hills, Ca (818) 926-5425
(Century 21 Peak )
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Man Builds Dream Home Over A Pond So He Can Fish From A Hole In His Living Room Floorhttps://www.bestrealestateblog.com/man-builds-dream-home-over-a-pond-so-he-can-fish-from-a-hole-in-his-living-room-floor?m=lJcYbeSXIdptYwXeckAkWhen you love something as much as this home’s owner loves fishing, y...