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Take a moment out from the daily grind to get lost in these entertaining pieces. If you have a funny story or photo you'd like to share with the wonderful world of AR, please do. Just for Fun posts are a great avenue to expressing yourself and sharing your funny bone.

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By Carolyn Roland-Historic Homes For Sale In Delaware and S. Chester County PA, Carolyn Roland, GRI, CRS
(Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate)
In the spring, I had all the plants lined up for the pots on my patio. I was especially excited to place a colorful Caladium in a pot with a dark red Ipomeum (Sweet Potato Plant.) All was good for a while, then the Caladium began to wilt and appeared to pass to another plane.  But then, a few weeks ago, what should rear its brassy head, but the Caladium. Looking bold and beautiful, it began to rise out of its earth-bound plot.  I could not believe what I saw.  Well, I could believe it, because plants are known to do their own thing and in their own time.  Like a lot of people.  It's all good.
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Deciding to go global is just the first step on a long list of vital actions that a company must take to establish itself in a foreign country. Although every market has its unique set of opportunities and challenges, proper human capital management (HCM) is key if a business wants to reap the benefits of going global. From recruiting workers with the necessary skills to ensuring that employees have access to the support and tools necessary to remain competitive in the marketplace, human capital management lies at the center of every successful global company. Below are common HCM-related financial challenges that organizations face when going global. Hiring Local TalentSome economies have very low rates of unemployment, and hiring in such markets is a challenge. If you are considering ...
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By Micheal John
(Micheal John)
California car mishaps have the capability to inflict severe and life-changing accidents. In case you were involved in a crash, you might qualify for monetary damages. California's automobile crash laws will affect any lawful claims which you might opt to file. It's very important to understand your duties as a motorist, how fault depends upon and what may influence your ability to recoup compensation. As soon as you've decided you would like to pursue reimbursement by filing a lawsuit, it's ideal to employ a personal injury lawyer who has expertise navigating California's complicated laws and processes. Call car accident attorney now to request a complimentary consultation.California Financial Responsibility Requirements Any car that's registered with the State of California has to be ...
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By Kathy Streib, Retired Home Stager/Redesign
Thankful Thursdays...For Not Being Alone Since this whole stay-at-home thing, I’ve been trying to contact my friends who live alone, especially those who don’t have family nearby.  The other day I spoke to my good friend of over 40 years. She lives alone in a beautiful high rise condo in a prime area of Houston (near the Galleria). While she still works, up until two weeks ago, she’s been working from home.  It was her choice to go back into her office. She was getting tired of the same view and as she is a social person, she missed interacting with people other than on the phone or Zoom.  So my Thankful Thursday is that I not only have Larry who will listen to my incessant babbling but also family nearby who I can wave at from my car while in their drive-way when we drop off baked good...
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By Brian England, MBA, GRI, REALTOR® Real Estate in East Valley AZ
(Arizona Focus Realty)
🐈Tango Apprentices for Photo Editing ☀️For ALL of Your East Valley AZ Real Estate Needs📞Call Brian at 480-773-2370🙋‍♂Text Brian at 480-773-2370📨Email Brian at brian@bke12.comI know that there are many cat lovers in the Rain, so now you can follow the adventures of Tango & Trey if you love pictures of cats!  I welcome all to share photos of your cats along with your comment. ☀️For ALL of Your East Valley AZ Real Estate Needs📞Call Brian at 480-773-2370🙋‍♂Text Brian at 480-773-2370📨Email Brian at brian@bke12.com
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By Will Hamm, "Where There's a Will, There's a Way!"
(Hamm Homes)
If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal! - Will HammOpportunities don't happen.  You create them. - Chris GrosserWe become happier, much happier, when we realize life is an opportunity rather then an obligation. - Mary AugustineSuccess is to be measured not so much by the position that someone has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed. - Booker T. WashingtonCreate your own visual style...let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. - Orson Wells 
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By Michael Jacobs, Los Angeles Pasadena 818.516.4393
   Now A Word About Nerd Immunity. . . Although it seems many have suddenly graduated from medical school while never growing weary from late night study sessions or without years of residency - all in a time frame much shorter than a blink of an eye.   For the record, I am not a medical doctor nor have I claimed to be.  I don’t feel the need to speak as an expert on many subjects especially one where knowledge is of paramount importance.     Although the term herd immunity seems to be in evidence in the most casual of conversation, I dare not attempt to define it.   Even the word immunity by itself which is more widely known, is still one where some additional assistance, experience and knowledge in the field is not only appreciated but should be encouraged.    That said, I was recentl...
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By Joseph Domino 480-390-6011, Real Estate Made Easy
Due to unforeseen circumstances, many of the Soundtrack of a Lifetime – 2020 Edition posts have been lost. But there is still plenty of good music to listen too.The Corona Virus/ COVID-19 pandemic has changed some of the ways we live our lives. Most rock concerts and live stage performances have been canceled or at least postponed. Yet, the performers that we enjoy are still playing, even if their fans cannot participate.There have been a lot of performers that have offered virtual concerts which can be fun in the absence of live music.One of the latest is a compilation of performers that have been put together by guitarist Dave Mason. Mason’s latest gig is appropriately named Dave Mason and the Quarantines.In this latest endeavor, Mason joins forces with a group of others including Sam...
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By Sharon Tara, Retired New Hampshire Home Stager
(Sharon Tara Transformations)
Wordless Wednesday - Time You Enjoy Wasting July 22 is Hammock Dayand it is alsoSummer Leisure Day  Previous Wordless Wednesday Posts 
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If you think your windshield wipers are not a vital piece of safety equipment, then you have never driven down the highway at night in a snowstorm with bad wipers. Opening the window and hanging your head outside will not be of much help, either.  Having good wipers gives you a sense of security. After all, weather is unpredictable and you never know when you will be driving in torrential rains or a heavy snowfall. As far as crucial safety devices for your vehicle go, wiper blades are a true bargain.  They can run you as low as $11 and seldom go over $50. It's probably an area where you can afford the best. Premium blades will likely function better and last longer.How To Find the Right Windshield Wiper Replacement for Your CarFinding the right blades for your vehicle begins with an imp...
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By Linda Blumenthal, NYS Licenced Real Estate Salesperson, CBR
(Hampton Crossing - Licensed Real Estate Salesperson - 631-466-4087)
 July 24th Puzzle - National Cousins Day Enjoy your day! Directions:  Click on the link below.  Your puzzle will open in a new window. To locate a word, please hold down the left side of your mouse while dragging your cursor over the letters of that word.  Release your hold when all of the letters of the word have been selected.  If your response is correct, the word will change color on the word list. The settings at the top of the page will allow you to change the difficulty of the puzzle, number of words, etc. Please check back for future puzzles.Enjoy and have a great day! Click Here To Play  If you are looking to purchase a property or home on Long Island, New York, I hope you think of me, Linda Blumenthal. 
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By Pete Cullen ~ Broker Associate, GRI,CRS, Serving The Entire Monterey Bay Area
(Bailey Properties, Inc.)
The History of LA's Bungalow Housing  When many people think of the ideal neighborhood you think of a single-family neighborhood where everyone still has their own space with their own yards and their own living spaces, but have you ever considered a bungalow court? Most people have never even heard of a bungalow court, so let's do a little explaining.  Bungalow courts are tiny private homes sharing a common yard and amenities this style of house evolved on two separate tracks in the early-20th century, according to housing-policy expert Mark Vallianatos. In working-class neighborhoods in South and East Los Angeles, courts were a way to house several families on one plot of land without incurring the high cost of constructing an apartment building. These neighborhoods were often crowded...
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By Wayne Martin, Real Estate Broker - Retired
(Wayne M Martin)
Trivia question answers for Tuesday July 21, 20201. What blues musician's guitar is nicknamed :Lucille"? BB King2. What is a rhino made of? Keratin3. What is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet? Delta4. What does a phrenologist measure? SkullsTrivia questions for Wednesday July 22, 20201. What type of bird is a "Khaki Campbell"?2. What is the fourth planet from the sun?3. What is Dr. Hannibal Lector's profession?4. The cecum is the pouch at the beginning of what?Enjoy your day.
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By Wayne Martin, Real Estate Broker - Retired
(Wayne M Martin)
Trivia question answers for Monday July 20, 20201. Who was thie first man in outer space? Yuri Gagarin2. Which state is closest to Bermuda? North Carolina3. How many US states end with the letter "N"? Four4. What song was the Beach Boys' first Billboard number one hit? I Get AroundTrivia questions for Tuesday July 21, 20201. What blues musician's guitar is nicknamed :Lucille"?2. What is a rhino made of?3. What is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet?4. What does a phrenologist measure?Enjoy your day.
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By Wayne Martin, Real Estate Broker - Retired
(Wayne M Martin)
Trivia question answers for Sunday July 19, 20201. In what country was the worlds first ice hotel built? Sweden2. In France what is a Framboise? Raspberry3. What cut of beef comes from between the neck and the shoulder blade? Chuck4. In what sport would a contestant perform a "Fosberry Flop"? High jumpTrivia questions for Monday July 20, 20201. Who was thie first man in outer space?2. Which state is closest to Bermuda?3. How many US states end with the letter "N"?4. What song was the Beach Boys' first Billboard number one hit?Enjoy your day.
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By Jeff Dowler, CRS, The Southern California Relocation Dude
(eXp Realty of California, Inc.)
Wordless Wednesday:  Just Hangin' Out  We live adjacent to a small canyon which means a fair amount of wildlife, some of which visits the yard from time to time. I was looking out the rear window over the patio the other morning and spied this ground squirrel hangin' out. He was perched on his haunches, on top of the bushes, taking in the scenery...and perhaps keeping an eye out for predators, like the coyote we have been seeing regularly. Better this squirrel stays where he is instead of raiding our birdfeeders or digging in the gardens!
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By Alan May, A moving experience!
(Jameson Sotheby's International Realty)
I have lost 44 pairs of posts, wrote them out by designI have written and posted 2 dozen comments, Well before the clock struck nineI read that tub of lard's post about dual agencyThrew up in a bucket, went shopping and kicked him in the can.Cause my points have gone missin'... M-I-S-S-I-N, I'll say it again! All of June has been scrubbed, 'till it's shining like a dimeThe post about babies, and cars and showings on time.I know I've messed up, I'm up typing 'til four a.m. and thenLie down for a minute, jump up and I'm in it all over again.Cause my points they're done missin'... M-I-S-S-I-N, I'll say it again! With apologies to Peggy Lee, Helen Reddy and Oprah... especially Oprah.
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By Roy Kelley
(Realty Group Referrals)
Another good lesson from James Dray...  Oriental Lily, Kentlands Photowalk, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA IMG 8679 Sonja Henie was born in Oslo, Norway back in 1912 to Wilhelm and Selma.  From a young age, she showed talent as a tennis player, swimmer and equestrienne.  She was educated by tutors and her father hired the best experts in the world to further his daughter into a sporting celebrity. She won her first major competition at the tender age of ten in the senior Norwegian championships.  She competed in the 1924 Winter Olympics when she was 11.  When she gave up her amateur status she moved to California, signing with Darryl Zanuck.  She signed a multiple year contract making her the highest paid actress of her time.  She retired in 1943 forming her own business with Arthur Wirtz....
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By Jeff Stevens, Jeff Stevens, Associate Broker/REALTOR
(Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New Mexico Properties)
Spring Flowers in Quarantine Through the darkness our world is facing. Through the uncertainty of this moment in time. Through the sadness and pain, spring flowers while in quarantine are a welcome sight, to be sure. From my backyard in The Pueblos at Alameda Ranch, Las Cruces, N.M. (This is the first blooming season for the Spanish broom🌼)  
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By Jeff Stevens, Jeff Stevens, Associate Broker/REALTOR
(Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New Mexico Properties)
Sunset from The Pueblos at Alameda Ranch.I have said this many times and certainly, this is no different than the other times that I mentioned southern New Mexico provides one heck of a sunset! This was taken from my home in The Pueblos. We have the best of both worlds - sunsets in the evening and mountain views whenever!Looking for a home in Las Cruces, New Mexico? Click the link and view available homes in Las Cruces.  
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