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By Joseph Doohan, I offer business strategy advice for realtors
(Joseph Doohan)
YouTube Thursdays - Take Time to Practice and Learn          Many of you have mentioned a lack of time as the reason for not utilizing video marketing.  We completely understand, it does take time. Perhaps now, when many of us are on orders to stay home, there is finally some extra time to learn and practice.    This week, I (Debb) have been experimenting with the camera settings on my new iPhone 11  Pro Max.  It's pretty intuitive, but to utilize it optimally will take time. I've been watching YouTube videos, experimenting, and practicing.   For example, I learned, after the fact, that picture quality is compromised when you zoom-in past about 2x (52mm) while in slow-mo video mode.  This was shot at 6x, and the result is disappointing. While the movements of the hummingbird are wonder...
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By L. Scott Ferguson, Sunny Florida Real Estate Professional
(Ask4Ferguson - Your House-SOLD Name in Real Estate) Notes: Welcome to Episode 75! My good friend Sandy Bouvier-Ingram came on our show today.  Sandy literally lives the ‘Laptop Lifestyle’. Sandy is a pro when it comes to video content and has successfully helped over 2,000 Level UP their social media by employing Sandy’s techniques. Be ready to pick up solid Knowledge Nuggets from Sandy as well as get to know from a deeper perspective. Enjoy!Quote:  Fail quickly!  Don’t be afraid. Take Action! - Sandy Bouvier-IngramKnowledge Nuggets and Take-Aways: Figuring out little ways to buy back time is key.  Build a team! (Call Sandy!) Video has never been in greater demand! Make sure you use the best equipment possible Stay consistent, don’t always reach for the new ‘shiny objects’ Here is a ...
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By Rich Gaasenbeek, Real Estate CRM & Marketing Made Easy!
(IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM)
At this point, you have probably been exposed to all sorts of messaging from various companies on how they are adjusting to a rapidly changing environment. While it is uncertain when things will go back to “normal,” one thing is for sure; things have changed and it is time to adapt. As a real estate agent in this ever-changing market, you need to make sure you are prepared. Your personal real estate brand is your bread and butter. Here are a few key points you can incorporate into your real estate business to make sure you adapt to anything that comes your way during this challenging time.Re-evaluate the Way you Speak to your Prospects and Past ClientsThis is a very sensitive time for everyone. Regardless of the timing however, no one wants to feel pressured, forced or interrogated. As ...
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By Realtyna Inc, Realtyna- MLS RETS Integration software & services
What do you need a real estate website for, if not to capture and monitor the leads? The main purpose real estate agents build their websites is for their online presence. But targeting the correct audience in the correct way is something many real estate agents worry about. This is where  real estate CRM can come in handy. In this article, we will talk about real estate CRM and how it can help your website. Real Estate CRMCRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a system that allows you to manage the flow of leads on your website. CRM helps you to gather contact information together. It’s like a virtual office assistant. CRM is especially important for agents. In addition to  the many other tasks agents have, they are trying to generate leads and be proactive. But sometime...
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By David Jackson, MBA, Financial lending analyst
(Olympus Labs)
 Solar power is generated as a result of the Earth absorbing the Sun's radiation while this is achieved through a complicated process. Indeed, it is important to understand that sunlight can be converted into heat or even into electricity to allow a number of different uses. In addition, you should also be aware that solar power is freely available if you have the infrastructure to generate your own electricity. Furthermore, it is also important to note that given the various advancements in the manufacture of solar technology over the last few years, it is now possible to harness a considerable amount of the Sun's radiation that hits the Earth every day. Moreover, you should be aware that if you want to improve your home or office, then you should think about adding a solar power syste...
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By Stephen Fells, Marketing, Technology, Fun and News!
Looking to make the most of your single property Website? While most of our features are prompted during the initial build of the site, there are many which fall into our “extended features” category. Below is complete list of features that we think are beneficial to marketing your single property Website and enhancing its overall appearance. We hope you find this list helpful. If you need assistance with any of the noted features please refer to the help and support section in your AgencyLogic account or contact a member of our support team at  Site Appearance  Add a banner to your main photoUpload your company logoUpload your agent photo & bioAdd photo captions Add music to your siteEmbed Your Virtual Tour Site Content  Add text to the messages fieldOpen House...
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By Richa Nayyar
(Coming service)
There are a lot of different things that you can watch into when it comes to your walls and guarantee that they are one of a variety. One of the things that you can bring into thought could reasonably be the most valuable thing as well would be wall art painting.Given that there are so many various kinds of topics for you to take a select from; you shouldn’t have any problems associated with what it is that you can pick that will go with your wall decoration.Thanks to current technology, it needs less time to build breathtaking items of art these days.Choosing a place to buyOnce you have selected to spend in wall hangings, the next step would be to settle on a place really to purchase these things. There is no lack as such when it comes to these places.Note: There are a lot of places ou...
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By Susan Nadler, Central Florida Title Insurance Company
(Scarab Title & Escrow Services, LLC.)
Remote Online Real Estate Closings - Title Companies Prepare for Change.Remote online real estate closings enter 2020 and title companies prepare for one of the largest changes in this business since TRID. We all remember having to sit at the closing table signing our life away on what seemed like an endless amount of real estate closing documents. Effective January 1st, 2020, Florida following many other states has enacted online notarization giving the title industry the ability to close real estate transactions completely online. Remote Online Real Estate Closings - The FutureWhile there are some advantages and disadvantages, this will likely make the home loan closing process a lot easier. In cases where a home loan is utilized to purchase a home, the lender will likely send all of ...
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By Randy Mitchelson,APR, First Impressions are made at First Click
(Marketing Advisor & Squeeze Mortgage)
NCCET Announces Virtual Conference to Help Colleges Deliver Effective Curriculum via Distance LearningJACKSONVILLE, Fla. (April 30, 2020) – The National Council for Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) will host the “Distance Learning Adaptation Forum - Beyond COVID-19” virtual conference May 18-21. The live, interactive video conference will feature a total of 16 topics, delivered across four days. The sessions will be presented by remote learning curriculum experts who will coach school administrators, department heads and faculty on best practices in higher education in a post-pandemic world. Registration for the conference is open to all NCCET members. Non-members may take advantage of the newly established Associate Member tier which requires no fee and can be established at n...
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By Robert Newman, Creating Enduring Online Marketing Results
(Inbound Real Estate Marketing L.L.C.)
How to use Active Rain for SEO| (From a guy that uses it effectively)  I've been on Active rain for seven months. One of the things I have noticed is even EXPERIENCED bloggers are not using Active Rain for backlinking as effectively as they could be and inexperienced bloggers don't seem to be using it at all. I'm going to show almost all of you how to get the most out of your Active Rain Subscription. (Yes for Active Rain to be effective for SEO you need to spend the $199.00 for a years subscription)  Before I show you how I want to illustrate how effective Active Rain has been for ME! These are the keywords I rank for as of August 2017.   I only started really pushing my blog content in January of 2017. I've had 12k visitors from ORGANIC google results in Seven months. A lot of that is...
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By Brunswick Forest
(Brunswick Forest)
People often use the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If a picture is worth that many words, then imagine what an entire album says about the future home you have been dreaming of. With Brunswick Forest’s digital Community Album, learning about what a coastal lifestyle could do for you is just a click away.There are several sections of the Community Album that focus on Brunswick Forest’s pristine location just minutes from historic downtown Wilmington. It also focuses on the several white sand beaches and other charming Southern locales nearby. Past neighborhood gatherings in areas like Annsdale Park inside Brunswick Forest are documented in an easy to read fashion, just like a giant picture book. You’ll quickly get the message of what it means to be Coastal By Nature®...
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By Realtyna Inc, Realtyna- MLS RETS Integration software & services
Having MLS on your website helps you to maintain leads. Users won’t have to leave your site and visit another source in order to see your listings. That’s why it’s very beneficial and crucial for real estate agents to have MLS on their website. In this article, we will talk about the things you need to add MLS to your website.MLS IntegrationYou need to be a licensed member of NAR to be able to get access to the MLS data. So, if you aren’t one, you have to become a licensed agent in your area. Then, in order to add MLS on your website you have to: Contact your MLS  Pay an MLS fee Get the MLS data on your website through the standard model you choose.  MLS integration is the service through which you get mls listings on your website. There are two different methods of MLS integration: org...
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By Nick Marr, Promoting real estate internationally
    In a field as competitive as real estate, every advantage you bring to a deal can make a difference. Success in selling a home is all about chemistry based in large measure on the ability to communicate with confidence so that you can bridge the distance between the transacting partners. And the ABC of communication is speaking their language.   In that case, a translation company can help you adapt your website, social media, and marketing materials to your chosen foreign language. Or, you can save some money and hire a freelance translator instead. Those on a tight budget can find free online tools and services to do the job without racking up additional marketing and selling expenses. We’ll consider these options, weighing the pros and cons of each approach.   The Need for Spani...
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By MichelleCherie Carr Crowe .Just Call. 408-252-8900, Family Helping Families Buy & Sell Homes 40+ Years
(Get Results Team...Just Call (408) 252-8900! . DRE #00901962 . Licensed to Sell since 1985 . Altas Realty)
Here Joe makes a good case for how and why to improve one's YouTube channel and online presence. I personally am not a big lover of video-however many potential prospects do like video. Good info to improve your YouTube channel offerings. I have a true confession to make about my use of Youtube. It is so dark, so disturbing, that I purposely have been avoiding writing this article for the past several months. But it is time to get it off my chest. I have ignored a goldmine of opportunity because I just couldn't find the time to develop a Youtube Channel strategy. That's right, I have neglected the #2 search engine on the internet and the #2 trafficked website because "I was busy." But the days of cinematic sloth are over, I am now investing the time and energy to make my presence felt o...
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Cybercriminals ramped up schemes as the COVID-19 crisis spread. But when wide-spread businesses were forced to shift to remote workforces, it was as if digital thieves had hit the jackpot. With millions are people still acclimating to work-from-home cybersecurity, hackers have used ransomware to pass through remote workers’ computers and seize control of entire business networks.“We’re seeing an increase in activity by hackers now targeting employees in their home. Hackers are capitalizing on confusion of newly remote employees,” BoomTech, Inc. CEO Philipp Baumann reportedly said. “In fact, we’ve heard about a scheme where a hacker calls an employee impersonating the company’s IT support ask a few basic questions to gain their trust then tell them they need to check a setting requiring ...
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By Andrew Helling
What Is Propstream?Propstream is a California-based company that builds an all-in--one lead generation platform for real estate investors. From a single dashboard, you can connect with motivated sellers.Find leads, then analyze them with the deal analyzer. When you've found one you like, send direct mailers right from the system. This platform does everything but market the end result to buyers. If you want that functionality, you'll need to buy a platform like Realeflow.Why Use the Platform?Since 2008, the number of motivated sellers has skyrocketed. Although the investing market is becoming saturated, investors can still find deals by curating highly-targeted lists.To do this, you'll need to target a few different types of sellers: Absentee owners Zombie properties High equity and cas...
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By Debb Janes EcoBroker and Bernie Stea JD, REALTORS® in Clark County, WA
(ViewHomes of Clark County - Nature As Neighbors)
 YouTube Thursdays  We always look ahead for natural ways to connect with our client base, or attract more like-minded viewers. When we find an opportunity that resonates with our niche(s), it's an excellent use of time and resources. For example, Earth Day is a great match for our brand and personal philosophies.  The first video for Earth Day 2020, was sent out yesterday, and we included it in a post written on our website, Nature As Neighbors. We also posted it to Facebook, and were delighted when a couple of followers asked how to share it on their own timeline.  We then posted a link from YouTube and thanked them for sharing it. What a great way to get our brand in front of new eyes.   Earth Day 2020 - Climate Change   Earth Day 2019 - Protecting Pollinators     Earth Day 2018 - En...
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By Bob "RealMan" Timm, Owner of Ward Co Notary Services retired RE Broker
(Ward County Notary Services)
Speaking as a Notary Public, did you know that when you are signing legal documents you can stamp your name on that document instead of actually signing it?You may have noticed when working with title documents that often after or next to the signature line of the document it may say "seal". Seal is just a confusing way of saying your stamp or "your mark". Why do I bring this up?In the last month I conducted three signing where I wished the signer had a name stamp. Most of the closings I conduct involve 100 to 250 pages. Imagine these:#1) A closing with a blind signer. I had to position his hand on each document. Out of about 50 pages his signature ended up on the line once.#2) A signer who was mentally competent but slow. It took her about a full minute per signature.#3) A signer with ...
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By Daniel Ramsey, MyOutDesk - Real Estate Virtual Professionals
There are so many Real Estate apps out there and some of them can be expensive. How do you know which ones are essential and how do you choose those that will be helpful for your business and your remote team? We’ve put together this list of free and affordable Real Estate apps to help in your research.Add remote team members to run your apps, marketing and so much more from the MyOutDesk’s awesome Virtual Assistants! Schedule a Go Remote with MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants Strategy Session today to find out how. 9 Best Real Estate Apps for Your Remote TeamHubSpot CRM and Sales ToolWith over 30,000 customers in 91 countries, HubSpot is one of the most widely used free CRMs and sales tools on the planet. The best part? It’s FREE. HubSpot is a CRM that also offers marketing and sales tools....
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