bedford nh real estate: Things To Do Now In Order To Buy in 2011 - 12/09/10 03:35 AM
Here is some good information from an article from Tara Nelson on Trulia.
There are lots of purchases that are highly prone to impulse buying: shoes on sale, puppies at the pound, and carrot cupcakes with cream cheese buttercream frosting come instantly to mind. (But that's just me.)But houses?  Not so much. Savvy, regret-free homebuying can take weeks or months of financial and lifestyle research and planning.  If you want 2011 to be the year you become a homeowner, here are 5 things you should be doing, as we speak.1.  Minimize your holiday spending and save your cash. Instead of … (0 comments)

bedford nh real estate: Winter Curb Appeal - 12/08/10 12:42 AM
Well, The cold weather is here and there were a few snow flurries the other day, which means, winter has arrived. Most people take their homes off the market for winter to then put back on in the spring, however for those seller's trying to capture the serious winter buyers, here are some great ideas from Melissa Tracy of Realtor Magazine that will help with your curb appeal.
Yes, it's still possible to create great curb appeal when it's cold and gray outside. By Melissa Dittmann Tracey | November 2010
During summer months when gardens are in bloom and the sun … (0 comments)

bedford nh real estate: OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY In Bedford NH - 11/12/10 12:52 AM
Open House this Sunday 11/14/10 From 11:30 - 1:30. Stop by if you are in the area or if you have buyers in this price range for Bedford. … (2 comments)

bedford nh real estate: Home Staging To Help Get Your Home Sold - 11/11/10 03:10 AM
I am big on Home Staging and have found that it does really work. I have written a few other blogs on staging that you may want to make reference to as well, but here is a short refresher of home staging.
When selling your home, you need to make it impressive. So, you need to make sure that it is staged properly. Staging has become extremely popular due to the fact that it works!
Staging a home can allow buyers to understand how to best use the space in each room. It keeps the room from coming off cluttered or over done. When … (0 comments)

bedford nh real estate: Preparing To Buy A House - 11/11/10 03:02 AM
Good information to pass onto your first time home buyers.
Buying a home is a complicated process, and it can be particularly daunting for the first-timer.
The following timeline starts one year before you hope to start seriously shopping for a home. This is an ideal; you can arrange your finances and buy a home in less time, if necessary, but you'd be smart to walk through all of the steps in order. The more time you give yourself for this process, the better.
A year out (or as soon as possible)
Get your credit reports. Errors on your reports … (2 comments)

bedford nh real estate: Bedford NH Numbers For Last Quarter - 11/05/10 04:29 AM
Last quarter (3rd Quarter)  of 2010 there were 69 homes that closed in Bedford New Hampshire. This is a decrease of 11 homes, as there were 80 homes that closed in the 3rd quarter of 2009. This is during the timeframe of 7/1/10-9/30/10
The median list price for the homes that closed in Bedford for the 3rd quarter of 2010 was $429,500.
The median list price for the homes that closed in Bedford for the 3rd quarter of 2009 was $384,700.
The median sale price for the homes that closed in Bedford for the 3rd quarter of 2010 was $412,500.
The … (0 comments)

bedford nh real estate: Making Your House Into A Home - 11/05/10 04:11 AM
Came across this on Trulia and I can appreciate it seeing how I just moved into a new house a couple of months ago and felt this was a good piece to share.
 After getting the keys to their new homes, many first-time home buyers are excited about finally having the opportunity to personalize and furnish their new house. From coffee tables to lamps to lawnmowers, many previous renters leap into homeownership quickly realizing they need to do a lot of shopping to truly make their house a home.
"Whether you've been living in an apartment with roommates or at your parents' … (0 comments)

bedford nh real estate: Reasons Why Buyers Are Not Biting In This Market - 10/28/10 01:06 AM
Good Article I came across on Trulia on from Tara Nelson on why buyers are not biting in this market even though rates are low and prices are down.
Interest rates are at historic lows: less than 4.5% on a 30-year-fixed and below 4% on 15-year fixed rate loans. And prices are low, too - at or near bottom in most of the country.  Together, these items mean that affordability is near an all-time high.It's like a massive, pre-holiday sale on real estate!Nevertheless, home sales are only "gradually" creeping up, according to the most recent data published by the  National … (4 comments)

bedford nh real estate: Good Time For A Home Inspection - 10/13/10 01:34 AM
With the market being in a lagging state, home inspection can show buyers what "as is" really is. It can give them the negotiating edge needed to get cash or repair concessions.
For the seller, a home inspection serves as an anti-haggling tool and keeps the bargaining down as little as possible.  
It is also a good way to estimate a home's integrity after a natural disaster such as flooding, an earthquake or a wind/rain storm.
For someone who does not plan on selling their home right now, having a home inspection done keeps them up to date with what is happening with their home. They will … (2 comments)

bedford nh real estate: $20k Price Adjustment - Bedford, NH - 10/07/10 02:53 AM
Great Home with privacy, now Great New Price!! … (0 comments)

bedford nh real estate: Avenues To Capture The Consumer - 09/24/10 12:42 AM
Realtors now a days need to keep up with the trends and find new ways to generate leads to get buyers and also to promote their listings to get them viewed by a larger audience. One of the biggest ways is to find  online solutions. Here are some cutting-edge yet inexpensive ways to impress consumers with Web marketing.In todays world, the first thing a buyer does when looking for properties is that they go online and search Internet. Us Realtors need to continue to explore an ever-expanding array of marketing tools to capture their attention online and drive them to their Web sites. Social networking, such as Facebook, … (2 comments)

bedford nh real estate: New Price For This Bedford Home - 09/23/10 03:36 AM

bedford nh real estate: Things That will Help Make Buyers Want Your Home - 09/21/10 01:15 AM
You love your home but when it comes time to sell, you have to share the love. In the other words, you have to make your home be seen in the eyes of potential buyers as their home. That can be tricky.
 But if you do some of the basic things such as clearing clutter, creating light, bright, and open space, adding curb appeal, removing personal items (family photos, trinkets), fresh paint, and clean or new carpet -- you'll be on your way to attracting serious buyers. I've written a lot about staging and creating curb appeal so check out my … (0 comments)

bedford nh real estate: Home Buying Mistakes To Avoid - 09/17/10 01:25 AM
If you are in the market to buy your first home, you may have already realized that the process involves many different levels of knowledge and understanding. Chances are many steps of the process are completely foreign to you.
By arming yourself with an arsenal of important questions, as well as with a team of professionals, you are sure to avoid some of the most common first-time homebuyer mistakes.
1. Hire the Right Agent. Personalities and experience levels range greatly, just as with any profession. Consider interviewing several local agents before deciding on which one to hire. Do you want a … (1 comments)

bedford nh real estate: Annual Keller Williams Charity Auction - 09/15/10 01:20 AM


bedford nh real estate: JUST LISTED - Bedford, NH - 09/13/10 09:53 AM

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bedford nh real estate: Back On The Market - 06/20/10 01:31 PM

bedford nh real estate: What is Earnest Money? - 06/04/10 01:38 AM
If you have been throught the home buying process, then you are most likely familiar with this, howver this is good for the first time home buyer. Keep in mind the money that you will need up front and what you should have set aside before looking for a home. When you are looking for a property to purchase, expect to come up with earnest money (Deposit) when submitting an offer on the house that you want. It's pretty standard or  customary to sign a purchase and sale agreement and include a deposit of earnest money to show good faith that you are going to comply … (2 comments)

bedford nh real estate: 5 DIY Projects That Can Help Sell Your Home - 05/27/10 03:01 AM
As we find ourselves in the midst of National Home Improvement month, HouseMaster, one of the first and largest home inspection franchisors in North America provides homeowners with simple tips on how to maintain and update their homes with fixes they can inexpensively do on their own.
"One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is letting small problems turn into big ones," said Kathleen Kuhn, President of HouseMaster. "Home maintenance is crucial since a home is typically the largest investment an average person makes in their lifetime. Proper home maintenance can alleviate the need for large and often costly repairs."
HouseMaster … (3 comments)