marketing: 2.0 is available b/c of you! - 01/14/22 08:40 AM
👋Hi there!
🚀We launched the 2.0 version of the on January 1st, 2022 and we couldn't have done so without you guys! (the link above gets you a free mini-book mailed to you)
We started this training for a number a reasons with the most important one of being able to provide REAL step by step marketing and real estate action steps for Realtors to use to grow their businesses all while doing it for as affordable as possible. 
This simply didn't exist before!
🙂Go figure, this was more in demand than expected. Anyways, thanks again to everyone who are with us and I'm … (0 comments)

marketing: How I'll Make $500k in 2020 (in my undies) - 03/21/19 05:00 AM
Over the years a lot of Realtors have called me asking for help and many have grown quite successful with the tools that were provided. As the months and years ticked on my phone has become 70% other realtors calling/texting me for help too. The truth is that I simply didn’t have the time to help everyone while maintaining my business and family life. I started recording videos explaining things as best as I could and eventually realized that I actually could help every single person who asked I needed to record the answers to every question I could think of … (4 comments)

marketing: Realtor Marketing Shirts - 07/23/18 06:07 PM
Hi Active Rain Family,
For years I never understood why business people like ourselves would market other people's businesses on their shirts. B/c of this I have been wearing shirts constantly informing everyone around me that I was a Real Estate Professional. 
Over the years I have earned several successful closings directly due to these shirts and b/c of this success I decided to create an online store where our colleagues can easily and quickly order these shirts. 
I'm looking for honest opinions on these designs and styles as well as the overall layout of the website.  In return for your honest feedback I will … (0 comments)

Chris Cusimano, 20+yrs, Husband to 1; Dad to 4; Coach; Team Lead (Keller Williams Realty)

Chris Cusimano

20+yrs, Husband to 1; Dad to 4; Coach; Team Lead

Parkland, FL

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