prepare home for sale oregon: Is Your Hobby Killing Your Home Sale? - 02/19/11 04:57 AM

My job as a professional home stager takes me into over a dozen homes a week and I meet some fantastically creative people along the way.   It is amazing to me the unique things people do, create and collect - a fun part of my job.
All too often I have to tell these clients that their hobbies are going to prevent them from getting a good price for their home.
The doll collector, whose guest room housed hundreds of dolls, the former antique dealer who can't let go of so many beautiful antique pieces, the rock collector - whose every flat … (40 comments)

prepare home for sale oregon: When Nice Looking Just Isn't Enough - 07/13/09 04:09 AM

Curb appeal - maybe an overused phrase?  According to studies, buyers are extremely influenced by curb appeal.  People really do want to buy a beautiful home - and the view from the curb is key to enticing them to make an appointment to see more. 
This newer home in a great neighborhood had so much going for it - especially a fantastic back yard.  While discussing curb appeal with the owners I recommended several things - one of which was painting the front door.  I recommended a few bold colors which would draw attention to the front door and add … (17 comments)

prepare home for sale oregon: The Top 10 Housing Markets for the Next 10 Years - Corvallis Oregon and more - 07/04/09 01:38 AM
Home prices in these 10 cities will appreciate handsomely over the next decade per US News and World Report's article today. 
Here's the projected average annual percent change in home prices from the fourth quarter of 2008 to the fourth quarter of 2018:
Bremerton-Silverdale, Wash.: 5.22 percent Glens Falls, N.Y: 4.71 percent Fort Collins-Loveland, Colo.: 4.06 percent Corvallis, Ore.: 3.95 percent Anchorage, Alaska: 3.8 percent Duluth, Minn.: 3.74 percent Sandusky, Ohio: 3.66 percent Santa Fee, N.M: 3.57 percent Pittsfield, Mass.: 3.51 percent Decatur, Ill.: 3.44 percent With consumer confidence lower than in prior years, it reassuring to know that Corvallis Oregon … (6 comments)

prepare home for sale oregon: Geting a Chandelier Crystal Clear! - 05/24/09 12:04 AM
Have a beautiful but dirty chandelier?  Light fixtures can be a focal point and beautiful feature for a dining room, but when dusty and spotted, they are a eyesore not a selling feature!  Cleaning a chandelier can be a chore if each crystal is removed, cleaned and replaced.  We've used this cleaning product in homes with great success and recommend it!

Cover the area below the chandelier.  Using a duster, remove cobwebs and excessive dust.  Turn off the lights before spraying and be sure bulbs are cool.  Spray well with the cleaner -- allowing it to drip on the towels beneath the fixture.

prepare home for sale oregon: Your Sellers Called Me Today - Boy are they Mad! - 05/14/09 12:49 AM
Many calls I have received lately are from home owners who have homes on the market, or whose listings have expired and they are thinking about re-listing.  This week I had two consultations with this type of seller and they both were puzzled and irritated by their agent’s actions!
I spent a lot of time explaining the importance of curb appeal, first impressions and why deferred maintenance and declutter had to be dealt with before listing.  The widow whose listing had expired was near tears.  I expected her to be overwhelmed and even a little irritated with me by “imposing” … (31 comments)

prepare home for sale oregon: Front Door Color Affects Sale Of A Home - 05/09/09 01:15 AM
Recently a homeowner told me a yellow door color was very popular . . . hmm this didn't go in line with what I see or read, so I commented that perhaps it was more popular in other parts of the country, but certainly not when preparing to sell your home in Oregon.  When reviewing door color - I rarely recommend white, but love red and slate tones.  Look at the roof or stonework on the house, can it be highlighted or accented?  I love a dark slate grey door and many shades of red as well.  If there is … (8 comments)

prepare home for sale oregon: What’s Selling Quickly? – Real Estate Update April 2009 - 04/08/09 02:23 AM
You won’t believe what home was under contract in less than 30 days with a great offer and no contingencies!
Of course – it looked like this when it went on the market and caused a buzz from day one about how great it looked!

While discussing the real estate market with a realtor from another state last week, he said “What’s selling?  Price and Pristine.  Buyer’s are choosy these days – but those two elements still are bringing in offers.”
With so many homes to choose from - this home could have easily been … (9 comments)

prepare home for sale oregon: Magic Wands, Fairy Dust and Voo Doo Spells -What Does It Take For Selling Success? - 02/10/09 11:48 PM
What exactly is home staging?
Home staging to us is mostly a science --
understanding the psychology of a home sale the effects that light, smell, visual stimulous can have on a room. using basic design principles, applying them to what appeals to buyers Investigating which updates and repairs will give home sellers the best possible return on their investment and improve their odds of a sale. We've been told we work magic before . . .
And on a recent project - one of the listing agents wrote this on her Facebook . . .
WARNING ~ Secret VooDoo Spell??? … (6 comments)

prepare home for sale oregon: Preparing and Presenting a New Listing! Get Ready for Success! - 02/10/09 03:45 AM
Thinking that realtor tours and open houses are a waste of time?  Here is a wonderful venue to entice realtors and experts alike to show off a home prepared well for this real estate market!
I recently staged an occupied home that belongs to a great Realtor, Rachel Hayes with Prudential Georgia Realty.  She has Realtor partner, Leigh Steele. 
Together, Rachel and Leigh formed a TEAM prior to listing that they thought would give them the most powerful sales presentation possible for the home.
They had the home pre-inspected by Gary Sloan of Advantage Inspection They contacted Dave Loefflerof … (10 comments)

prepare home for sale oregon: From Uninspiring to Sold! - 01/24/09 08:52 AM
Sold - It's what we all love to hear!  Before staging, over 50 comparable homes had sold, while this lovely home was passed by.  After staging, it was the FIRST to get an offer in its price range. 

"In our time of need, Creative Concepts and Contracting, came to the rescue and helped my brother in law sell his home. After the passing of my sister, my brother in law wanted to sell and move closer to his family. He placed the home on the market and after 6 months of no activity we called Margaret. She found us a … (18 comments)

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