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Everyone says "get a buyer's rep agreement." To that I say, they are a waste of paper. Why? Because you have absolutely NO WAY of knowing if that person went out and bought a house with another Realtor!! The good, kind, honest don't need a buyer's rep agreement with those people any...
With 6 children ages 5-18 living in our home and the two of us adults, believe me when I say I understand the need for organization. Without it life is total chaos. I won't lie and say my home is totally organized, nope, but I've got a good start and staying organized is a constant battle that I ...
My son bought me a book for Mother's day this year. It was titled, "The Most Beautiful Villages of Tuscany". Some day I hope to see these villages in person but for now I will content myself with seeing the pictures. That brought to mind something about listings and the photos. People get a pictu...
I have people coming at me left and right wanting to purchase my listings. GREAT! Only problem is that more than half are not qualified financially and lenders are turning them down. So BEFORE you contact a Realtor about that house you see for sell that you'd like to purchase, do yourself a favor...
Tomorrow marks the 28th anniversary of when my father, A. Raymond Dunaway was killed by a drunk driver. He was 24 years old. He was a pastor with a wife, daughter, son and a baby on the way. Also killed that day at the same moment was his friend Wayne Ricks, age 35. He left behind a wife, 2 daugh...
So I see there are a lot of agents out there that are Christians. I have to wonder if they, like me, have conflicts in their daily careers that make it hard to stay true to your faith and still be a successful agent. As a Christian, I don't believe in there being any "grey" areas. I believe that ...
So how are you Texans enjoying this scorching hot weather? Here in Harris county where I live, we have had temps in the high 90s this week and I and my car are not enjoying it. It's too hot to be wearing business clothes that is for sure! Five minutes out in this weather and you are wilted like a...
Ok, so I buy those magic erasers for my own home and give them to my customers who are selling their houses. They work great in the house on crayon marks on walls, fingerprints on doors, etc. But I just found out yesterday while cleaning my suburban that they also work great on cleaning your car....
If you are replacing your carpet, do yourself a favor and take out a mop and bucket, add some water and vinegarĀ and mop the concrete under the padding BEFORE putting down new padding and carpeting. Be sure and let it dry thouroghly before putting down new carpet. I'm not talking about soaking it,...
Ok, so once upon a time there was a guy and a girl that were getting married. They decided to start looking for a "starter" home. They came to me for help. They made a combined salary of around $50,000 a year. Both were young, little credit, fresh out of college with lots of student loans to pay ...

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