richmond: Spanish Real Estate Agents offer free divorce with every home :-) - 04/27/09 08:14 AM
Spanish Real Estate agents are offering couples ever more unusual deals in an attempt to kick-start the country's housing market. The latest offer from a developer in the Huelva Province in South Western Spain promises a free divorce lawyer to couples who buy one of their three bedroom houses for 68,000- Euros [approx. $108,000- CAN]. This offer, coming from Geimsa Realtors hopes to capitalise on the number of married couples delaying divorce proceedings because they cannot afford to set up new homes in the current economic climate. "A divorce is very expensive," said Vanesa Contioso of Geimsa Realtors. "So we are offering new … (1 comments)

richmond: Technical Difficulties...? - 04/16/09 06:27 AM
There's a whole generation now that has grown up using computers and surfing the Internet.  For them, communicating, browsing and shopping online are really second nature, so it seems natural that more and more are searching for homes on the web, and even listing their homes for sale on the Internet. Of course the "World Wide Web" is a powerful tool for both Buyers and Sellers, and that's why many Real Estate agents market their services and listings online.  [You're looking at one! J]Take special care not to eliminate the "middle man" from your next Real Estate transaction. Buying a home is … (0 comments)

richmond: Tips for the Spring Selling Season - 04/09/09 07:24 AM
If you're staging your home for sale, don't neglect your garden.
If you are preparing to put your home on the market, that means that you not only have to stage your home's interior to impress potential buyers, but you have to spruce up your yard, too. Although many sellers in today's market hope that a drift of daffodils will clinch a deal, in truth, plants can hurt a home's curb appeal as much as they can help it. For instance, a drift of wild, weedy onions hidden in the grass can make a newly mowed lawn smell like a gas … (1 comments)

richmond: WHY BUYING A HOME IS A GOOD IDEA - 01/05/09 06:55 AM
The Best Investment
As a fairly general rule, homes appreciate about four or five percent a year. Some years will be more, some less. The figure will vary from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Ladner is not White Rock and Cloverdale is not Queensborough.
Five percent may not seem like that much at first. Stocks, at times J, appreciate much more, and it appears you could easily earn over the same return with a very safe investment in treasury bills or bonds. However, if you take a second look...
Presumably, if you bought a $200,000- … (0 comments)

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