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Benjamin Franklin wouldn’t lie – the Federal Reserve does have a nice present for Charlotte home buyers.The Fed’s board of directors announced lower rates last month, the first reduction in more than ten years. This should not only stoke the economy and prevent a recession, but also free up more ...
Is a mortgage rate reduction on its way? Affordability has long been an issue for home buyers, especially for first-timers, and the relentless uptick in prices for Charlotte homes the past few years has kept many out of the market.And this month, with a 6.1 percent decrease in the number of close...
Our featured image this month tells you everything you need to know about the current market for Charlotte, NC homes — well, almost everything.On one hand, May’s numbers for the greater Charlotte region tell us what we’ve known for some time, that we’re in a lopsided seller’s market. For example,...
We’re clearly seeing a metamorphosis in the Charlotte real estate market, though it’s not quite as graceful or straightforward as our lovely photo suggests. While home prices continue to rise, the rate of increase has definitely slowed. Homes put on the market continue to move quickly, though thi...
Do you know the risks of dual agency? Better read this article from Realtor Magazine about the perils of dual agency:The topic of dual agency stirs many opinions within the real estate community. There are some agents who are dead set against it. Others say they have absolutely no problem with it...
The strong demand for Charlotte, NC homes has depleted inventory and skewed home prices, and our featured image pretty much shows us why.Bidding wars by near-desperate home buyers have been a major factor driving the long-standing sellers’ market. Multiple offers have enabled sellers and their ag...
Despite a cool start to the year, prices began to thaw in February, and demand for Charlotte real estate is picking up as we move into Spring. While we’re still seeing incremental increases in home prices, the rate of growth is clearly slowing down, a trend we’ve noted for the past few months. Th...
Despite a robust national and local economy, as well as strong consumer demand for Charlotte, NC homes, we’re seeing a dramatic slowdown in home sales. Maybe “because of” is a better term than “despite.” Skyrocketing demand has led to high prices which in turn have contributed to a shrinking inve...
Home prices remain high, but demand for Charlotte homes is also high. There’s good reason to look forward to a Happy 2019, but for the time being, it’s going to look a lot like 2018 for home buyers. One indication that optimism is warranted is the slowdown in price increases, a trend we’ve noted ...
While the Charlotte real estate market remains strong due to the region’s growing economy and high quality of living, it isn’t isolated from either the national real estate market or overall economy. That’s especially true when it comes to mortgage rates, which are ultimately determined by the Fe...

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