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$400 Appraisal Credit at the close of escrow on all Real Estate or Refinance loans! In appreciation for the hard work that Enloe Hospital employees extend to the Chico,California community, I would like to offer my services as an employee benefit. My name is Scott Gormley and I'm the Broker/Owner...
It's that time of the year again in Chico,California! California State University,Chico...otherwise known as Chico State college students are getting their bags packed and ready to transfer up here. In the meantime, I've had several moms and dads call me up, looking to make an additional investme...
 Like Tony would say, "They'rrrrrreeeeee Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreaaaaatttttt!"Many would think I'm crazy. The purpose of business is to be profitable, right? But I think we have a larger obligation than simply looking at the dollars and cents at the bottom line. In the Real Estate and Lending business, ...
 Here's one that I don't get and it was on my own mortgage! Imagine that...A mortgage broker having issues with his lender on his own mortgage. I find that more often than not, I have a full understanding of what is going on with my loan and impound account and the managers that deal with custome...
Last year, we made a decision to purchase a new home. I firmly believe that it is the new construction of homes and the price builders are charging per square foot that really determines the strentgh and conditions of a local real estate market. Afterall, the opportunity cost of not having a bran...
 I don't know why, but I've had several clients over the past few months that have had bad experiences with the mortgage companies that are servicing their existing home loans. So, these borrowers contact me, wanting to refinance and get away from the headache. They then tell me to obviously not ...
The California Real Estate Blog is having a contest, so get those cameras out! The winner will win 1 city profile for an ENTIRE YEAR on our website! Check it out!Clicks on your camera and mouse could equal clicks to your website!Hey Everyone,I just wanted to give some brief updates on the Califor...
 This topic has me scratching my head with a weird look on my face when it comes up... I find it interesting that many agents I come across are in the business of selling real estate and yet they don't even own their own home! If I were a potential client and you didn't own your own home, I would...
 I believe one of the most important people in the transaction to me as a Mortgage Broker is the Appraiser. But not just any old Appraiser, "A Great One!" There are times when I don't even meet a client and the Appraiser is the first person that a client meets. The interaction and personality of ...
You,me and ALL other Real Estate Professionals have been profiled by many consumers as people that are overpaid, undertrusted, equity stealing creatures that lurk in the night and should get lined up for a profiling in the morning after being out all night stealing candy from children (or equity...

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