ecofriendly: 8 Skin Care Tips To Create Less Waste - 10/18/19 07:37 AM
1. Use Plant-Based Carrier Oils
Facial oils are high in fat and have therapeutic properties to moisturize the skin or to treat problem areas.
In addition to their fatty acids, skin care oils also contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that benefit the skin. They are extremely beneficial and are a natural way to deliver fatty acids and nutrients to your skin without clogging your pores.
2. Only Cleanse Once A Day
I am sure you have heard that you should cleanse once or twice a day. But as a skin care expert, I am here to tell you that you should only cleanse … (7 comments)

ecofriendly: Reuse: One Step Of A Green Lifestyle - 10/10/19 06:57 PM
Reusing items is a better environmental choice than just recycling to reduce waste. We live in an age of convenience and as a result, we are a trash producing, throwaway society. Sure, single-use may be easy, but how healthy is it for the planet? You totally want to “keep up with the jones” but do you really need to replace your cell phone, computer, or wardrobe every year? 
All this waste is harming the planet. To have a positive impact on the environment, reusing the same item many times rather than just once will cut down on your use of energy and natural resources. When … (0 comments)

ecofriendly: How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint For A Positive Impact - 10/07/19 07:51 AM
There are choices you can make in your day-to-day life to lessen your personal impact on the planet and environment. And just think if you do it, and your friends, and your neighbors, and thousands of others, what a difference can be made! I am going to give you 15 ways you can reduce your carbon footprint to help the health of you, your family, and the planet. 
First off, what is a carbon footprint anyway? A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that an individual, group, or organization let into the atmosphere. These emissions include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous … (4 comments)

ecofriendly: How To Recycle Waste At Home The Right Way - 10/02/19 09:06 AM
If you are in the process of going green and creating an environmentally friendly home, then you are probably already recycling. 
Recycling helps convert old products into new useful products. It is good for the environment since it sends less trash to landfills. And it helps reduce air and water pollution. 
In your journey to go green, recycling is one of the steps to be more eco-friendly. 
For more steps and tips, check out the free eBook of over 100 going green tips. 
Read on to learn about recycling and ways to recycle. 
What Is Recycling?Recycling is the process of turning old used materials into new ones. It … (0 comments)

ecofriendly: How You Can Easily Live A Waste-Free Lifestyle - 22 Tips - 09/15/19 09:30 AM
You Can Easily Live A Waste-Free Lifestyle One step towards having a positive impact on the environment is to find ways to reduce waste and move towards a waste-free lifestyle. 
Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot. Those are the 5 Rs of living a zero-waste lifestyle. 
Now, I don’t expect you to go from your average family living situation to an Eco-Warrior overnight.
That’s just silly.
But you can start taking steps to live a more waste-free lifestyle. Reducing waste is one of those steps. 
Waste is a problem in our culture. It causes pollution and uses up the planet’s resources. 
Landfills are filling up and releasing methane … (5 comments)

ecofriendly: How To Be An Eco-Friendly Shopper - 09/10/19 04:01 PM
How To be an eco-friendly shopper and reduce your carbon footprint by following a low carbon diet.
Low carb diets are all the rage right now. Yep, I limit my carbohydrates (bread, rice, and pasta) to help slim down my waistline and to eat healthily.
But what if all of us carb avoiding eaters put as much zeal into following a low carbon diet?
Think of the positive impact that would have on the planet?
A low carbon diet limits foods that generate a lot of carbon (CO2) emissions in their production and distribution.
So following this diet helps reduce your carbon footprint.
But you know that … (2 comments)

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