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Back in January Kerry Lucasse wrote a post titled FACEBOOK 2009 - Five easy ways to maximize your visibility & interact with others. I had been a member of Facebook for a while and was a fan of a few pages but had not set up a business page for Trump University.  I didn't see the ROI at the time....
This week I installed on my office PC and it is amazing.  I am currently working from home but have full access to everything on my PC.  Do you use a webmail client for your office email and hate it? Did you ever want to access files on your office PC from home or forget to take home...
I just posted a rant about unsolicited sales calls to my blog at Trump University.  If you are in the mood for a good rant (with proposed solutions) check it out and let me know what you think. The current slow down in our economy triggered the post.  If you are interested in other sales call rel...
The other day I interviewed one of our real estate coaches.  The purpose of the interview was to create a podcast series to show the average 'Joe' (that would be me) how to get started investing in real estate.  We tried to have some fun with it and over time I will be pushing Stephen (the coach)...
One of the first things I did after returning from vacation was check on Trump University's SEO standings.  We have people working on our natural search but you can't take anything for granted with Google... Two listings caught my attention that I had not seen on the first or second page results ...
I take two weeks off for a family vacation and Bam! I get bumped from my #2 spot in the NYC area on Active Rain.  I guess I deserved it since I was so busy preparing for vacation and then catching up on my return I was off the network for almost a month.  Now I am back and ready to take back my s...
Before I get to the thank you note just a quick introduction and background for my readers. If you don’t know Margaret Rome take a minute to get to know her through her websites, her book Real Estate the Rome Way and  her blog I first met Margaret though a connection on Active Rain (thank you Car...
For most of us this is a simple question to answer but if you live in certain parts of the world $50 is a lot of money and can help grow a business. This year, as in the past, Trump University made a donation to to help entrepreneurs around the world trying to change their lives for the ...
OK Seth Godin Fans and you know who you are.  You: Read his blog daily; Buy multiple copies of his books and give them to friends, family and coworkers;  Own a Seth Godin action figure (pictured here and yes I own one);  Hang on his every word (OK that is a bit much); Quote his work in meetings o...
Over the last week or so a number of people have asked me for a copy of our Short Sale Report and I have seen a number of posts on the topic across the AR network.  It is definitely a hot real estate topic right now.  Therefore I figured the easiest thing for me to do was just to post a link to t...

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