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A friend of mine sent this video of the lemonade business my way.  If only starting, running and marketing a business was this easy and stress free. I guess everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten is true....  Enjoy    
I have to admit I personally don't know a lot about Tax Liens but from everyone I speak with here it seems to be a great way to get involved in real estate investing.  Many of our clients have requested that we offer a class on Tax Liens and today we launched a new program to deliver on this requ...
The last few weeks have been very busy over at Trump University.  We have been working on about 5 new product launches.  On Friday the first of our new products was released.  We will now help our clients set up their legal entity to protect their business and assets.  All business owners should ...
Everyone wants to be at the top of their game, gain industry recognition etc.  Well I just met with one of our real estate instructor/investors James Harris. James was talking to me about how real estate professionals have a unique opportunity and advantage to profit in the current real estate ma...
Today is Trump University’s three year anniversary. Three years ago the Trump U. site went live and the doors opened for business with a few online and audio products. Today we continue to expand our offerings to meet our client's needs and requests for new content and delivery methods.   In the ...
If you are like me than you were trained at a young age to go to school and then to get a job at some large company.   Well like most of you I now know that the path to independence does not follow the road of getting a job at some large company.   Yesterday I saw a large number of NYU graduates ...
Donald Trump posted a blog today about the current housing market.  I thought I would share it here and see what the AR community thought about his point of view. From Donald Trump's blog: It’s hardly a surprise but in the midst of today’s terrible economy and the nation’s housing crisis, the maj...
The Trump U. live event team is going to be in the Chicago area this weekend with a special Real Estate Training.  If you are in the area and want to learn how you can become a peak performer and make more money in today's real estate market I invite and encourage you to attend this free event: ...
So, today is the day that the first of the 600 dollar tax rebate checks start rolling out (direct deposits go first then physical checks start in another week or so).  The goal of this stimulus package is to help our economy.  This morning I was listening to people being interviewed on the radio ...
Today on the Trump Blog Brett Carmen had a post that I thought the AR community would find interesting.  He wrote about why The Real Estate Market is Perfect for 1st Time Home buyers. His main points are: If you are a person with decent credit and provable income, you can still take advantage of ...

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