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              Business to Business Networking Opportunity for Business Owners  Plus  Training  Work Shop   When:                        April 2, 2009   Two Events the Same Day Workshop  and Networking event – EVENT FREE-   1st Event  -- How to sell and make money in Crappy Market   Workshop: 10 a...
here are two kinds of business owners:   Type #1 pays their business invoices from their own wallet.  Type #2 pays their business invoices using Other People’s Money, better known as OPM.    What type of business owner are you?  If you’re Type #1, and you want to move to the other category, then ...
  Tips on Starting your own at-home Business and Creating a Virtual Office   The current condition of our economy has caused many to lose their jobs.   Lay-offs, Cut-backs, pay cuts and reduced benefits have caused financial hardship for many hard-working, responsible people.   Economic changes h...
This article was written by Rick Bisio, owner of FranChoice Consulting.  He is a good friend of mine and is happy to allow me to post his article for your benefit:   Buying an existing franchise will give you a solid franchise education! Here is a primer on how to go about considering an existing...
My friend is the owner and captain of a ship!  He has given me permission to post his article about chartering a sailboat.    Chartering ... What to Look for in These Depressed Times   Except for the still super-rich, who will just go on chartering mega-yachts at $125,000 a week (plus fuel), or t...
Have you or your family been stressed out because you lost your job and your personal credit has gone down the toilet?    Have you made the decision to get back on your feet and start a home based business or a store front business?   Have you tried to get a business line of credit or an unsecure...
My name is Susan Carter and I've been an accountant for almost 25 years.  I'm very familiar with business credit.  I've crashed badly because of the pitfalls of using personal credit to obtain money for my startup businesses.  I found out the hard way that using my own "personal credit" was an ex...
Have you wished that you knew the big mistakes of business before you made them?  There are actually 10 huge business credit mistakes that are very costly.  Let's talk about two of them:   #1 - Choosing the wrong business structure for your new business.  #2 - Choosing the wrong business name and...
You may have wished many times that you knew how to avoid the mistakes that were going to cost you money.  You may have experienced frustration because you couldn't get "business credit lines".   Have you been trying to get unsecured business loans?  Have you been trying to get a small business c...
Filing your business name paperwork correctly is critical to obtaining business credit. If you don't do it right, you could give someone else the ability to use your company's name or take it from you once you have your business established.   The paperwork needs to be done right.  Everything sho...

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Blog focus is on real estate investing, investing speakers, events, clubs, landlord groups, blogging, SEO, internet marketing, and marketing.