friends of the wichita realtor: I've been MeMe'd ~ Thanks Greg! - 06/30/08 10:33 AM
I've been meme'd by Greg Fox - a fellow Wichitan and well, gosh, thanks!  Here goes...
1. Who is your favorite Musical Artist?  Um, of all time, Rich Mullins. But, I really enjoy anything that's 'danceable' - (yes, I'm known for making up words too LOL).  So, I listen to a lot of Hip Hop music.
2. Who is your favorite Artist?   I tend to be drawn to Black & White photography and my favorites are Ansel Adams , Margaret Bourke-White and Dorothea Lange.   I also am intrigued by the Sistine Chapel (someday I'll see it in person) and my youngest son's … (3 comments)

friends of the wichita realtor: Ninja Summit and Ninja Retreat Dates - 04/04/07 02:15 PM
I received the Ninja Retreat and Ninja Summit Dates.
Ninja Retreat is May 16th & 17th in Fort Collins. Speakers include: Larry Kendall, Harleen Alexander, Wynn Washle, Joanne De'Leon, Joey Porter, Dave Dornan, Joyce Emory, Jack Taylor, Tami Spaulding and Nate Buie. If you have the Ninja III cd's many of these speakers on featured on there as well.
 Ninja Summit is in conjunction iwth Real Trends and will be July 18 - 21 in Vail Cascade Resort and Spa. Speakers for this event include: Walt Frey, Steve Murray, Skip Rackmill, Larry Kendall, Jim Dunlap (the Original Ninja), Zan Monroe, Anne Randolph and … (5 comments)


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