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Okay, I'm loading up the car getting ready for today's schedule. It will be a full day and a wide variety of activities which is one of the reasons I love being a real estate professional. You'll never hear us say at MoonDancer Realty that we have a day with nothing to do! We respect our time and...
There are so many compassionate people in ActiveRain and an amazing number of horse lovers.  My friend, Allen Lomax, a Realtor in Sylva, NC just lost his long time friend Mack.  His post is poignant, painful and beautiful, a true testament to the bond he shared with Mack. There are bad times and ...
Just how many people does it take to show one small house? You have the buyers, of course...their daughter (grown up and former client now friend...that's cool), me-their Buyers' Agent ( well yeah!), the listing agent and Mr and Mrs Seller. Add to this mix the 3 little barking dogs closed up in t...
There are people who have dogs and then there are people who consider dogs to be part of their family. All dogs have "tells" and even though their sense of conscience may be a little different from ours, they do have one.   The man who made this video is a genius!   This had me laughing out loud ...
We all have favorite listers...lucky for us at MoonDancer Realty, they are all favorites. One of our new listings had its first showing yesterday and they have done everything right. Before listing they had a home inspection so as to avoid any surprises during a buyer's Due Diligence period, they...
  All over America there are vestiges of factories that were the lifeblood of communities of all sizes. One of the most striking to me was the factory in Tallassee, Alabama. I believe it was textiles of some sort. The buildings take up the better part of the town situated by the river.   It is so...
  People often think that the schedules of real estate agents are very fluid, allowing us to do what we want when we want. Hah! Forget about regular lunch hours and healthy meals. We can't even always count on the time we get to go home. Sometimes that means eating dinner late and often we lean m...
  We've had the mixed bag of weather and other occurences here in Balsam, NC over the last couple of days. Sunny days when rain was predicted, rain when clear skies were called for. I chose the "clear" day to do some wood burning, the winds were calm and rain was predicted for that evening. Hah! ...
  You know? If I wasn't already my own favorite real estate broker, my blogging buddy J. Philip Faranda in Westchester County, NY is somebody (somebuddy, lol) I would use in a heartbeat. This roughly four minute video quickly reviews why selling your home shouldn't be treated as a "do it yourself...
From the weather forecasts we expected to be inundated with rain for three days straight here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Of course, that's one of the groovier aspects of mountains. Sometimes the weather is a big surprise and doesn't look anything like what the meteorologist sugge...

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