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My company has been building quality homes for many years. We build homes the way they should be and never sacrifice quality work and integrity.
When my family moved to Topsail, I came with visions of fishing more than I ever could prior to living on the island.  Would you believe I fish less often?  If you decide to build a home on the Island, you may want to keep it as a second home.  You'll probably get to fish! HA HA. Don't get me wro...
During severe storm situations, power outages affect many people.  A few things to remember are: Listen to your local radio/tv for updates, Never use candles.  Have a flashlight readily available for emergencies before they occur. Turn off electrical equipment. Have your hurricane kit close by wi...
My friend Bill invited me and a few others to attend the annual dinner held in Wilmington, last week.  In previous years when we attended the group has sponsored a fun family weigh in for different fish caught.  This year, Grouper was added to that list. Our group began the day by going out into ...
Now is the time to take a look at your prize posession and ask, is everything ok?  Do you have windows that have leaked, deck bands or sliding doors that may have leaked in the driving rains we experience on the Ocean.  Many times damages are uncovered during minor renovations such as installing ...
You know life is good when you can work each day doing what you love and at the end of the day, pull your reel out of the truck and go fishing in the Surf to chill out before calling it a day. Thats a day working in Topsail Island!  I like to keep my boat in the water so I can be ready too for th...
It's Sunday and yipee, the race is on!  When I'm watching the race, I can tune out everything else going on around me.  I have watched the race for many years.  In my past life, I went to many of them with some of the people I worked with then. We hooked up my little camper, loaded food and beer ...

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