sw missouri: Homes Don’t Always Sell Fast - 09/06/11 05:32 AM
I checked in to see what my peers are writing about and came across this great post by Randy.  If you are on his Island and looking for a great agent to work with, please give him a call.  If you are in my area of beautiful SW Missouri, call me.
Our goal is to work with sellers to get the deal done and the goals meet.  Homes Don't Always Sell Fast but working with a great agent can speed the process up.-  Thanks Randy for letting me share your post- be good  cw
Selling a home can be quite a … (8 comments)

sw missouri: I want that big house. But how much of a mortgage can I truly afford? - 01/10/11 03:04 AM
Thanks Jeff for an excellent post for Buyers to consider.  Just b/c one wants it doesn't mean it is a good thing to tie yourself down too.  I work with a lot of first time home buyers and we always have the 'Talk' about wants and needs.
As always it is fun to share what my peers are passionate about- If you are a new buyer in SW Missouri and would like to work with an Agent that will help you figure out how to purchase the next roof over your head, plz give me a call!
I can help you … (4 comments)

My reader's know how I love to re-blog.  With peers in my network like Lenn it is easy to get excellent content to share.
Let's get you Under Contract and Closed so you can see for yourself.  I don't give tax advice but I do list and sell properties.
Call your CPA or check out the IRS Web Page if you are curious what this article is about.  Call me when you are ready to purchase in the beautiful state of Missouri!-  be good  - cheryl

YOU'D BE SURPRISED HOW … (1 comments)

sw missouri: It is just a place to chase the old lady around in! - 07/14/10 05:53 AM
Long live the RE-BLOG! Thanks, Charles for sharing--
I help clients/customers buy and sell houses (properties).  It is then their job/joy to develop them into homes.
If you are looking for a place to chase the old lady/man around in here in SW Missoui, give me a call-  cheryl

     I think that one of the things that went horribly wrong a while back (hard to pinpoint an exact starting point) was when people started thinking of their houses as “investments.”
     Now I am no economic genius----they are all in the other Washington----and I certainly am no expert in … (5 comments)

sw missouri: Thinking about Buying a Foreclosed Home- in SW Missouri? - 05/12/10 02:53 AM
Note to my reader's the foreclosures are coming.  As a buyer are you prepared to consider this new inventory that is about to hit the market?
This is a pretty basic list of things to take into consideration when looking a property that has been vacant for awhile.  Generally any home that has not had utilities on or people in and out checking on it will have issues that need to be inspected and possibly remedied.
Clint has put together a good starter list of common things to be on the lookout for.
You can compare available properties in MO from … (0 comments)

sw missouri: Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Springfield, MO- Donate it! - 12/01/09 07:54 AM
As a listing agent I often get to give my 2-cents opinion on what to 'DO' with the over flow from cleaning a property to sell or from a re-model project.  I have a great place to share with my customers/clients.
The Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Springfield, MO, accepts donations of new and used home improvement supplies, furniture and appliances.
Great thing is that your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  and....
Proceeds from the ReStore help build Habitat for Humanity homes locally.
I don't want to sound like an add but when you find a group that is doing so much … (6 comments)

sw missouri: 36 acres m/l on Lawrence 2040, Miller MO 65707 LAND FOR SALE - 12/01/09 06:52 AM
I have been getting phone inquires on this listing for a couple of months.  Most have been generated from seeing the listing sign or other print media adds.  What I really need is a buyer who is seriously interested in a short 40 (36 acres m/l). 
This property is North of MT Vernon, MO outside the town of Miller.  It is fenced, has a pond and a creek.  Room to build and priced to sell.  The seller is possibly interested in doing Owner Finance.
Here is where my friends and peers in social networking get to help.  Please forward this post to … (2 comments)

sw missouri: Short Sale - SW Missouri- homes - 09/29/09 07:47 AM
Home-owners in a pre-foreclosure situation often do not know who to call to get Real Estate advice.  If you or someone you know is having questions about a possible Short Sale property in Barry, Lawrence, Greene, or Christian counties in MO-  please give Cheryl a call.  417-366-0057.
Our office has been a leader in Experience and Education on how to assist clients with the decision to sell short vs accepting a foreclosure.


sw missouri: Cheryl-Willis has a New Domain www.cheryl-willis.com - 08/28/09 02:19 AM
www.cheryl-willis.com is my newest domain to link to my website.  I am still in the process of deciding HOW I plan to use the new domains.
Right now I am trying a little test to see if I can "even find it" after all it has only been active for a couple of days.  (I am guessing that this post will pull it to the top pretty quick!)
www.GO-DADDY.com is my favorite place to 'shop' for names.
Years ago when I started with RE/MAX- a personal website was the up an coming thing to do.  (I love being cutting edge)  Now … (4 comments)

sw missouri: Nature and Marketing Contest- Waiting at the front door - 08/14/09 07:06 AM
I I don't want to ruin the post by writing to much, especially b/c the card speaks for itself.  Thanks Russ for the inspiration to Think outside the box when it comes to marketing.  Sometimes simple is better.  I may tweak this a bit later, but am thinking it may be an image I want to work into my post card rotation.
Looking forward to seeing the other entries.  be good  cw

sw missouri: wordless, not for the squeemish! - 07/09/09 12:44 PM
The inspector guys are not the only ones that run into scarry things in a basement.  This is a lot grosser than anything I have growing in my refrid.- 

Let's play a game of name that MOLD-  I am thinking "Howie" b/c now we have to ask ourselves "DEAL or NO DEAL" 

sw missouri: Can you get me a form to fill out my own contract, I am buying a FSBO... - 06/09/09 07:39 AM
Oh wait, it gets better.......  I am pre-approved and my lender said to just bring in a contract and we can close in two weeks.
Are you rolling on the floor yet?
Are you looking around for the hidden cameras- this has to be an episode of "How to make a Realtor's head Explore" 101 Free Class for credit scores under 550.
In all seriousness-- NO I will not loan you a form so you can Do It Yourself. 
Buying and/or Selling a Home is NOT a Do-It-Yourself project.  If you are interested in how this story concludes give me a call-  … (13 comments)

sw missouri: 7- Shirts Quilt - 04/05/09 08:52 AM

sw missouri: Which OZARK,MO lender would you Recommend?-- Terri Snow! - 04/03/09 04:42 AM
I get asked by customers all the time for names of good Lenders to work with.  I have a stack of business cards on my desk from good people in the industry that I have had successful working relationships with.  I try to keep names and numbers available so I can offer several (we don't want to play favorites!)  I am proud to say that I am ready to add Terri Snow of Guaranty Bank in Ozark, MO to my list.
Terri has a work ethic that I can easily work with.   If one is looking for a home in Ozark or surrounding … (1 comments)

sw missouri: Walking Hammers- not another just another inspector! - 03/31/09 08:54 AM
John Fleenor was in the office today to do a meet and greet with the newer agents.  I have invited him to join the peer group I love to hang with out on Active Rain.
Walking Hammers Inspection
*Anyone in our area that is looking for an unbiased, unvarnished and affordable inspection for a home or commercial property give him a call.  (*his words--his # 417-231-2343)
I always enjoy meeting new to me professionals, I hope to see more of John as we work towards a successful year in this industry.  
be good.  cw

sw missouri: Misc. MISSOURI-...reblog - 03/05/09 12:55 PM
Who doesn't love trivia?  When I came across RYAN's post on my personal favorite state I had to share it with my reader(s).  Please don't call me and try get into a match of wits.  I have not looked up any of these to verify but from living in the state the past decade I would venture to predict the majority is true.
My neighbor down the road raises mules and is might proud of his 4-legged lawn ornaments.  He doesn't sport a beard- just in case anyone is wondering.
ENJOY-  be good and call me with your REAL ESTATE needs … (6 comments)

sw missouri: Home Maintenance is Always Easier (and cheaper) than Repairs - 02/17/09 06:20 AM
I am always looking to show off the writings of my peers on this blog.  KEVIN has such a wonderful way of bringing common sense to Home Ownership.  I love his post on Maintenance/Repairs.    Print this and stick it on your refrid.  be good  cw

Many homeowners fail to realize the VALUE of a good Home Maintenance Schedule, and the long term benefits that almost always save money and aggravation. "Deferred Maintenance" as the real estate industry likes to refer to it, not only ends up costing more money and time, but also may either Prevent you from selling your … (2 comments)

sw missouri: Not everyone is a mind reader but.... - 02/03/09 03:11 AM
Quick story:  Daughter ran her phone to the phone store b/c it wasn't keeping a charge.  Nice guy at the store 'gave' her a new battery and said, this should do it"  Daughter was thrilled b/c the phone is not under warranty and she assumed she was 'out of luck'-  Happy Day,  Happy Daughter!
Next day, same daughter, same phone, new battery doesn't keep a charge either.  Daughter returns to the phone store.  Different attendant takes the phone apart, replies you are not under warranty, it will be 200 dollars for a new phone.  Un-happy Day, Un-happy Daughter.
That evening, daughter … (8 comments)

sw missouri: Wordless! Speaks for itself - 02/03/09 02:33 AM

I always enjoy getting to show off one of the Grands.  This little cutie is the only grand-daughter so we get to do a little extra spoiling.  She is a sweet-heart and was so excited about getting to blow out the candle.  This shot is when we were singing Happy B-day and she just grinned and grinned.

sw missouri: SW Missouri Home Inspector - 02/02/09 06:19 AM
Everyone that knows me, knows I love my inspectors.  I have to take a minute to brag that I have 'found' another one that knows his stuff.  I would like to recommend Sean O'Rear to customers & clients in my lovely part of the state of Missouri.

It is very refreshing as a REALTOR to be able to know that the peers we work with are worthy of our recommendation.   Feel free to let him know I said to call- I always look forward to seeing a job well done.
Here's Sean's direct link to his website        Be good-  cheryl

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